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Want to Join the Bartcop Team?

We have more things going than we can keep up with - care to help? Social Network Host/Hostess - We've got MySpace and
Facebook sites set up for and are looking for someone to manage and grow that part
of our community.  We need someone who can work with us to get the most out of these sites, facilitate
communication between Bart, users, other pieces of the publishing empire, so to speak,
and partner groups/organizations and have some fun while we're at it. Experience with both sites a must.
If interested send an email to Link Wrangler, Tag-meister and General PR Person
Linking and being linked are important parts of visibility on the internet. There are lots of sites that we
should be linking to and visa versa. Want to help us grow our Technorati numbers? Do you like web
research and planning and working on strategies? Are you a good internet communicator?
Drop us a line at

BartBlog Adjunct - We've got some great posts going up over at the BartBlog.
Want to help us manage and grow that piece of BartCop? We're looking for someone who can
help us manage the blog posts, post the daily issue posts, assist other contributors and Bart and
ride general shotgun on the Blog.   WordPress experience helpful but no technical/coding savvy necessary.
Drop us a line at if interested in exploring this further.

The Kos Thing - It's my guess that few people if any know about us over at Kos. It would be great
if we had a person or a team that could post maybe 1-2 items from the Bartcop page each day on Kos.
Granted, they seem to be rabid Obamamites, but once we have our Kumbaya merge, I'll be behind
Obama and we might pick up extra readers if people know we exist.  If you're on Kos a lot and know
how to post in those Daily Open Thread things, let us know.

Technically these positions pay nothing, but there's always a chance your piece of the pie could take off.
With the Net, the sky's the limit and it's like the lottery, but with better odds: You can't win if you don't play.

So if you'd like to get in on any of this,  let us know.

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