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Subject: the Wall Street scam


Taking advantage of another horrible strike against the American working class, 
this Pearl Harbor-sized event just conveniently allows the Republicans to play the fear card again.  
The theatrics begin:

The treasury department issues an obviously unacceptable plan.  
Both the Democrats and Republicans reacted strongly against this ridiculous proposal 
that only makes sense if it was written with the intention of getting universal rejection.

This administration had to know they were going beyond the bounds anyone would accept, 
leaving them suddenly standing alone on policy.  Bush essentially took one step backward 
from that perfect alignment the administration and the Republicans projected for all those years.

Without changing position at all it looks like the Republicans all just stepped forward, volunteering 
to stand apart from this President, now firmly moving toward the side of the working class.

But wait, not to be outdone, our hero, John Wayne, I mean John McCain, comes charging in 
to rally the troops to save the taxpayers from the evil Presidents plan.

The whole thing is a scam.  A manufactured crisis the Republicans believe will keep them in power.  
Believing somehow that in times of crisis the voter will always vote for leaders that will charge to 
our rescue not thinking of consequences.

I'm not accusing anyone of creating the problem on purpose, but certainly of mismanaging it 
and using it to manipulate public opinion to their favor.  Crises work so well for these guys, 
that actually preventing problems would take away all their opportunities.  

Where is the motivation in that?

Jonathan K

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