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Subject: I HAVE to call B.S. here

I am a big fan; read you a lot. 
I am an Obama supporter, BUT would also vote for Clinton. 

That's a common sense opinion.

I do not have a big dog in this fight, except for the fact that there should be free speech. 
Randi came to Phoenix and did a shtick for about half an hour or so, and killed. 
I think that she thought since she wasn't on air she could "let her hair down" SO TO SPEAK 
and joke with the friendly audience who paid to come see her, and generally agree with her views. 

Even if she had said something similarly "horrifying" about Obama, I would not want her silenced. 

What if Randi was an out-of-control Hillary fan and called Obama "that dumb nigger?"
Would you want her silenced then?
I mostly agree with you, but you mean "except for the most extreme cases," right?

It is an American value to say what  you want-no matter how foul it is to someone else. 
That is why Nazis are allowed to march, etc.  We may disagree with them TO NO END, 
but not allowing people to speak their minds when OFF the public airwaves is downright fascist. 

Well, it's not like she was jailed, she was "suspended" from her job.
Are you saying AAR must continue to employ people who embarrass them? 

You are not being honest with your readers lately with regards to her. 
Clinton is NOT PERFECT and I am tired of people on BOTH sides finding 
only good things to say about their candidate and only poor things about everyone else. 

But - you've singled me out as "dishonest."
I never said She was perfect and I haven't slurred or slammed Obama.
You stick up for the "fucking whore" person, then say Ol' Bart's not being honest?
I think I'm damn honest - maybe too honest for my own good.

We are all human, and therefore we all have faults and strengths. Please be more honest.

OK, you've accused me of that twice, but you've failed to list any examples of my dishonesty.

Randi used to say, "I'm neutral in this race" and you're going to call me "dishonest?" 

What happened to your defense of "free speech?"

Subject: Almost Forgot

PS.  I got so mad, I forgot the original reason I wrote.  
Just so you know, AAR is NOT a true liberal format.  (You may already know this.)  

NovaM Radio will hopefully take all their hosts that are good, so that they can show 
just who is signing checks over there.  Oh, and I doubt they saved money taking her 
off the air as they had to replace her with someone else, thereby still paying someone, 
so if she got docked, it was a minimal savings at best for AAR.

My wild guess is Randi was their highest paid "star."

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