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Subject: wrong about Snowden

Mr. Bart the Desperate:
You are so far off base on the issue of NSA domestic surveillance and FISA court secrecy it is almost laughable. 
Each time you address the subject you expose a certain desperation to avoid the real issues that flashes of rage
appear in your arguments.  And each time, your writing becomes more and more “Limbaugh-esque” in its desire
to keep from acknowledging the truth.

So far, you haven't said anything.
If you have a valid point, can you get to it?
Whenever some one brings up the scope and extent of the erosion of our 4th Amendment rights you attempt
to bring the subject back to Snowden.  Is he sane? Is he stable?  Is he a megalomaniac?  Is he gay? 
You’re so so certain that Snowden is off his rocker you want to wage money on it, to do or say anything
that will bring the subject back to Snowden.  Or argue some other point that hasn’t been proven,
such as whether these programs are effective at all.

Still haven't made any progress.
I know I am not the only person trying to tell you it’s not about Snowden.  If it were then these programs
would be fake and Snowden just another publicity hound.  But he has exposed the extent of this surveillance,
made people aware of it and confirms that no one in our government can be held accountable for it. 
These programs have everything to do with how the materials will be used, who will be targeted and
contain a potential for abuse so great it blows a frosty chill on our own Freedom of Speech, and dissent.

Still haven't made any progress.
I know you understand this.  And the only reason I can surmise for your constant denial of the danger is
that either A)  you really are just an old Okie with an IQ of 64, reaching back to the inner-Merle Haggard
of your youth, or B)  you’d prefer to play this one safe (like many other Dems we know Winking smile)
and keep Unka Dick happy so the rest of us can make your case, draw your fire as it were.

Yes, my goal is to make Cheney happy.

One of us sounds super-crazy - will you admit that?

I know it gets to be hell dodging those fast bullets the older you get.  I don’t blame you one bit for wanting
cover from this one Bart! This One is the Mother of all government abuse scandals and will determine,
in words of GW Duyba: “weather u izz ah ferrus err agin’ us!”  (Personally, I prefer a Guinness.)
So as long as you keep raising up that hammer Bart the rest of us will be sure to smack it down where it belongs! 
And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!
  Justin Demoude Dude, Justin Demoude.

Justin, you spent all that time and all those words and didn't say anything.

Do you want Obama impeached?
What is your goal here, besides raging at "the government?"

I don't see any of the anti-Obama Democrats moving toward a goal.
What do you want to happen here?

Why can't the people screaming the loudest make a point?

Seems like we've been doing this for 3 weeks and the only point anyone makes is
Bart is wrong, Bart loves Cheney, Bart is too stupid to understand, etc.

If *I* was pissed about something, I could state what that was
and I wouldn't have to call you stupid Cheney-blower to make my point.

Let me ask:
How will you know when it's time to slow down the outrage?
What will happen to make you calm again, what solution are you seeking?

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