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Steve Kangas

Deep Stuff

You may know about Steve Kangas, you may not.
Steve was a LNW subscriber.
Steve wasn't that different from Ol' BartCop.

I'm not grandstanding, I'm just saying that Steve was a liberal rabble-rouser
who asked a lot of questions on his web page that upset some Republicans.

He was found dead on the same floor where Richard Melon Scaife
has his personal offices in Pittsburg.  Pretty creepy, huh?

By the hundred-lot.

Lots of stories about this.

Rush did a few hours on it back in February, when Steve died.
He called Kangas a "web pornographer."

Typical play-with-the-cadaver Limba.
Rush likes playing with cadavers more than he ever liked food.

...and he's a role model for Republican children?

I should have written about it at the time.
Limba, talking about someone on my subscriber list...

I had no indication that Steve was into porno, still don't.
If the lying son-of-a-bitch Limba said he was into porno,
it probably meant he had a link to at his site.

But even if he was, he was really anti-Scaife, so I liked him right away.
Since he died in the Scaife building in the restroom on the same floor as the guy who's trying
to reverse the elections results in America, shouldn't we look at his death more closely?

Between the death of an anti-Scaife democrat and Who-is-Blowing-Clinton,
I'd say the death calls for more of our attention.

Can't remember how, but I ran into this last night.
Somebody captured his last web page and is keeping it up.
This guy was no BartCop-style dummy.

His writings are clear, readable and concise.
This page has hundreds of things sorted out in an easy-to-read way.
Even if you're a Republican, would it hurt to look at Steve's last web-page?

This is a guy who that fuck Scaife may have had killed.
If anyone knows more details about Steve's death, please contact bartcop.


             Who killed Steve Kangas?
            What Happened to Steve Kangas?
              Steve Kangas: Suicide ?

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