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<>Kathy Griffin and the CNN heckler      (Language alert) 

So this guy is hassling Kathy Griffin from below, on the street, and after a while
she decided she'd had enough of the guy so with all the serious sarcasm she could muster,
she finally leaned over the rail and said something to him like,

"Hey, I'm working here.
  Do I come to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth?"

CNN didn't think it was funny.
When I heard it, my brain said, "She did NOT just say that."

But CNN keeps inviting her back every year, so maybe they secretly
want her to curse and create a stir so more people will watch next year.
We always tape that and then catch whatever other bands are on other channels.
I guess I'll mosey (we do that in Oklahoma) over to

Click on the E!

...and see who's on what channels that night.

BTW, is Dick Clark going to force himself on us again this year?
Like Kanye, someone needs to tell Dick when he's screwing up.

They say Kanye has the best album of 2010.

Considering how much people hate him (not me)
I'd say that's probably one damn good album.


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