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Subject: Katrina-fied for life
I have been Katrina-fied for life.... debt to the SBA until I am 78 years old! 

Because The Bush FEMA and their disaster profiteering cronies did not want to give my family of five
 - a 'handout' say all I needed was about 25K!  Instead on the limited relief supplies and the FEMA trailer
we used for only 5 months

They spent over 75K on our family alone (note we did not get that - we got a total of $1200.00 in grants!) 
But you know our 6 term  Blue-dog Representative Gene Taylor(D) got tea-bagged last Nov. -
He was working since Katrina on a "all-Perils" mandate regulation on all home owners policies. 

Instead in the Gulf states  We/I are forced to buy into a "Wind -Pool" if we want coverage for Hurricane
damage - and it costs outrageous prices ( 8000/ year on my 165k house alone) - I like most can't afford that
so we are dropped by State Farm in 2008!! 

Yes we still have home owners but only covers it if it burns to the ground (not in Hurricane season,
and maybe if we get hit by a twister -Not during a Hurricane!!) 

SO Here IS the question:
Why do we have to pay into a "wind Pool"  when we get a serious Hurricane threat only every 5-8 years, 
How many homes across the US are threatened by twisters EVERY YEAR? Probably 20 million homes???

Oh and I am not talking about flood threats -we live at over 35' above sea level.
The gov't has a pretty good and good ol' socialist flood program. (safe by coast standards.)

My heart goes out to those folks in Alabama and in Joplin (even though they mostly are repuglicans)
and I know a little about what their going through.- but -  I hope they enjoyed their reasonable
home-owner rates while I am excluded from coverage?
 Colin, the skepticarpenter.

Colin, you are correct.
American insurance companies are a great example of the free enterprise system not working.

Adjusters who pay too many legitimate claims get fired.
The adjusters who deny the most legitimate claims get a free week in Hawaii with their hooker.

Here's how is SHOULD work :
If you pay to have your home insured, they should pay off no matter what the reason.

The bastards will say, "The hurricane didn't destroy your home - the water did."

Worse, the big insurance companies give money to senators and congressmen to let them
re-write the laws
, just like the bankers did and look what theat horseshit got us - a major depression.

Meanwhile, Obama wants to "look forward."

I feel for you, man.


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