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Subject: You pretend to debate

Bart, you wrote:

> Rezko and Auchi and then you quoted the WashTimes.

> Wouldn't it be better for Obama's campaign if his house wasn't owned by a Trust
> with possibly hidden or not publicly-revealed trustees or grantors or guarantors or leins?
> I'm just saying - that's one less issue he'd have to defend this summer.

I know you're going to keep picking at this scab, hoping to find something rotten underneath.

You are a nut.
IF Obama has hidden finances, I say he should un-hide them before the knife-fight begins.
Are you crazy enough to think that info should remain hidden?

That's what the Hillary sycophants are reduced to now, in their efforts to get her to the nomination.

I think you just said the GOP will NOT go after this issue.
That's further proof you're a nut.
They're going to paint him as the radical Muslim with secret financing from the Wusabi shieks
and you don't think full financial disclosure in advance might be a good idea?

And, you have every right to do so, obviously. If something's wrong with Obama, I, myself would
like to know. But, give me a break, Bart. You call the Washington Post a "whore", but you quote
the freaking WASHINGTON TIMES? With no insults as to their integrity, at all? The Washington Times.
The mouthpiece for the extreme right. The Washington Times, owned and operated by the "Reverend"
Sun Myung Moon (remember him?) as a tool for forwarding the Right Wing-nut agenda.

We both know that I know who runs the Times. Why did you waste all that time,
energy and bandwidth?   Tell me - was JFK shot in Dallas, too?

The point is (if you care to open your eyes) is that the GOP will quote the Times as "proof"
and Keef the Banana Salesman won't be there to say, "But the Moonies own that."

Now, I'm sure you'll claim that I'm "missing the point" here again,

You?  Miss the point?
Only about thirteen times in a row.
Too bad the Olympics don't give medals for that.

...but seriously, dude. When the going gets tough, you use the exact same methods
used by the Republicans, even their own damn newspaper?  You get worse and worse.
 Keith the Banana Salesman

You seem to think Obama takes the oath if he knocks Hillary out.
What's wrong with your brain that you can't understand what "Devil's Advocate" means?

We can ask these questions now - and get answers that either satisfy us or not
we can't put all our eggs into the unknown basket and gamble on Earth's future.

By keeping his finances hidden from the public, he invites scrutiny.
Why would any sane man do that when he's trying to win?

Why can't he just disclose the facts, disarm the issue, and be done with it?

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