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Subject: articles of impeachment

Dear Bart,

You asked

>"What is Kucinich up to?
> Is this mindless grandstanding?

> If it's dead on arrival, why spend the time?
> Is Kucinich trying to get Democrats on record saying that BushCo did nothing wrong?

> What's the point of this pointless effort? "

I asked the same questions then spent most of today trying to figure it out (I have a lot of time 
on my hands lately). It seemed to me that with less than 7 months left of his presidency, 
it would be pointless to try and impeach Bush.

But as I read, it became more clear. From this point forward, all talk of impeachment has to go 
on the record ( this is the third time articles of impeachment have been read against GWB). 
I doubt anyone alive today will forget what a trainwreck the last eight years have been, but future 
generations ought to know - with unblinking clarity - what his lying, criminal administration did.

After the articles are read, any member of Congress can add their two cents, 
then it goes to Ms. "Impeachment-is-off-the-table" to sit in her IN-BOX and die.

Should it by some miracle get past Pelosi, it is required that every member vote yea or nay 
on the indictment. That goes on the Congressional Record. If enough yea votes are gathered, 
the articles then go onto the Senate which votes whether or not to impeach. Yes, that would 
mean everyone has to go on record - for giving the Bush Administration a pass.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it will be successful, but it does send a clear message, hopefully to 
the nation and to the world that some of our leaders were paying attention and at least at some point, 
decided to no longer rubber-stamp the Bush-Co agenda.

I'm not sure there IS a point here, save Kucinich possibly storing future political ammunition, 
or it could simply be a way to point out that impeachment proceedings are meant to do more 
than punish a sitting president for lying about a blow-job. What saddens me about this is I know 
nothing will come of it.

It was shortlived, but it gave me a little cheer today.

Oh yeah, one last thing - there were only 4 articles of impeachment read against Bill Clinton,
Bush has 35 true high crimes and misdemeanors.

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