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Subject: Let's talk about the Kennedys and the Church

Why don't the Kennedys just stop attending mass, donating money and join a different church? 

My guess is the Kennedys do have some faith, but they want the freedom to reject tenets that aren't 
a good fit, like that bullshit  "One wife per lifetime" rule.  And they like to party - but then - so did Jesus.
Plus, in Boston, being Catholic helps on election day.

As a liberal protestant, I just don't get how liberal catholics keep supporting a church that is at odds with their beliefs.  
This is the USA-no one makes you remain catholic after you reach the age of majority.  
The Episcopalians will welcome them with open arms. 

I have to ask: Why does anyone "need" a religion?
Is it like military service where people need more structure in their lives?  
Do some people "need" to be told what to do every minute of the day?
Liberal protestants allow their pastors to be real human beings who get married and even have sexual desires at times.  
Most of our churches/denominations even allow openly gay ministers of either gender to be ordained (except the Methodists 
and Lutherans, who are still fighting it out).  We don't dictate our members' sex lives or contraception choices.   Most of all, 
we don't hate those who disagree with us, nor do we try to tell them that we are the true christians while they are heretics. 

Wouldn't you rather sleep in on Sundays?
What's the point of going to church and paying to hear a pep talk?

I don't think we should yank the catholic church's tax exempt status, because anyone who is a member is free to go 
elsewhere for communion.  

The Catholics want to play politics AND claim they're non-partisan.
In other words, they are lying and they should be punished for that.
Oh, and the Pope is a right-wing radical (not to mention Hitler Youth).

Despite the many faults of the catholic church, there are millions of individual catholics and hundreds of catholic-funded 
charities that do great things for the poor, for orphaned children and for hungry people every day in this country.  

Is that still true?
At a time when they're closing churches by the hundreds, can they still afford to help the poor?
And what about in DC where they said they'd no longer feed the hungry unless DC continues

to discriminate against gay couples?  Are they a charity or a shakedown racket?

Truth is they have a political agenda that runs parallel to the GOP.
That should cost them their tax-exempt status but they're lucky that the Dems have no balls.
Those activities should always be appreciated, regardless of the activities of some of the leadership in the church at large.  
I don't think any church's tax-exempt status should be revoked unless there is a clear-cut pattern of violating the rules.  
Westboro Baptist is a good example of a church like that, and the former People's Temple is a good example from the left.   
 Susanne M

The Catholic Church is playing Bart Simpson here.
"I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it - you can't prove a thing."

They're cheating, they know they're cheating, but proving they're guilty is difficult.
Wouldn't it be nice if the Catholic Church operated on a higher ethical plane than Bart Simpson?

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