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Subject: how evil you are





I love your writing it was political genius, fuck that it was the truth!
However you forgot to mention one very important fact about the brainwashing
of our citizens they actively tell their children to's are there people I calling children
because they're fucking stupid and my two-year-old daughter.

They actively tell the stupid fucks to tell if your child lives in some oils help them
get a ballot and absentee ballot, but if they don't live if they're not going to vote the
right way well then it's not your job to help them excavation point while complaining
that Democrats do the same thing our socialist ballot buying Benji's or whatever the
fuck they can think of! I don't usually curse but I found in the Goodnature of your
article that it was worthwhile! your your fucking awesome!

Kenneth L C.

PS don't wriggled by gold the world the markets going to collapse you girls as your door,
your hateful because you tell the truth, you are hateful because you criticized us how
fucking evil you are! Don't forget gay people are bad, now can you please fuck my ass?

Or the black man became quite Pres., how dare he! My penis is so hard I hate fags
abortion is bad exhalation point George Bush is good for destroying year!

If any of this is offended you I'm truly sorry I thought you're writing was awesome
and you're a cool person I am living in Taiwan and I will spread your message to as
many of my students as I can brainwash to the liberal your ways.

As they say in Taiwan,
How evil you are!

Kenneth, thank you... probably  :)

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