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By Keith Olbermann
Anchor, 'Countdown' MSGOP

By way of necessary preface, President and Sen. Clinton, and the senator's mother, and the 
senator's brother, were of immeasurable support to me at the moments when these very 
commentaries were the focus of the most surprise, the most uncertainty, and the most anger.
My gratitude to them is abiding.

ha ha

Also, I am not here endorsing Sen. Obama's nomination, nor suggesting it is inevitable.
(You see, Olbermann is impartial - just like Rush and Randi Rhodes) 

Thus I have fought with myself over whether or not to say anything.

The bastard didn't "fight" hard enough!  What about all the things Obama has 
twisted around and said about Hillary and falsley accusing her of doing? 

Bart, it is one hell of a "CHANGE" for the worse when people can no longer speak the truth 
for fear of being labeled racist and neither can their friends without them being tarred and feathered too! 
The truth of the matter is that  Ferraro spoke what everyone already knows but is afraid to say!

Why should Hillary or anyone else have to apologize for anything that someone else says or does, 
much less have to kiss their butts like Olbermann and the media is demanding. 
With a "friend" like that who needs enemies. 

This politically correct bullcrap has gone way beyond common sense into the absolutely ridiculous. 
Obama will ride this for all it is worth too and rub Hillary's nose in it, CLEAN CAMPAIGN MY ARSE!!!

Damn I miss the Frito Bandito and Jose Imanez, the little astronaut etc.

I miss the days when the best ethnic jokes were told by the people of that ethnicity 
and it was OK to laugh at the characteristics of ones own race or those of a friends.

I miss the days when comedians could entertain for hours without a constant string of profanity!

 Kerry & Kalliope

P.S.  I have a copy of a precious Disney movie "Song Of The South" that is a charming story set 
in the Civil War era of the South, with both human and animation characters.  It has been banned in 
the US as racist and no longer for sale.  It is no more racist than Gone With The Wind or any movie 
about the settling of the USA, the old West or the gold rush.  Where has all the laughter gone, the sense 
of humor of ourselves, common sense?  We're suffocating with restrictions and unspoken rage.

I miss a lot more but I need to go cry for a while now!


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