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Keyes rallies Teabaggers
 Get this - at The Nutter Center


Alan Keyes (R-Insane) started his keynote address to the Dayton Teabaggers with, “What is a Tea Party?”

And when nobody knew, they all went home?

The 8,000 who attended a rally at the Nutter Center had many answers.

“We want capitalism back,” said Brenda Schmitt. She and Bre Mahaney said they got involved
with the Tea Party because they were sick of the government taking too much control.

You mean after Bush crashed Wall Street and the banks,
you wanted Obama to stand there and do f-ing nothing?

“We hate being told what to do,” said U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan.
“We actually value this thing called freedom.”

What a dumbass thing to say.
He means, "I don't want a nigger in the White House"
but he can't say that so he babbles this nonsense, instead.

The night included historical re-enactors, colorful T-shirts proclaiming “BF (Ben Franklin) is my BFF,”
a rap by Abe Lincoln, and American flags waved and worn in every possible way.

Oh - TELL ME there's videotape of Abe Lincoln rapping.

I can't take the Teabagger threat seriously if it's being run by
Sarah the Publicity Whore, Alan Keyes and Armey the dick.

Seems to me it's gonna split the Rethug vote
but I'm sure our Dems can still find a way to surrender up-front.

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