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Subject: Nicole Kidman's Catholic wedding

Bart, the article explains it:  Nicole & Tom were legally married.
However, since that union did not take place in a Catholic ceremony, it did not meet the requirements
of the sacrament of marriage, and as such was not recognized by the Catholic Church.

This is not an attack on you or Nicole, but that's total horseshit.
If Nicole was living with a man  she wasn't married to, her priest had a d uty to call her on it.
Of course they were married - and everybody including the God-for-sale priest knows it.

It is a difference between what the legal system requires and what the Church requires.  The whole annulment
discussion was irrelevant, because the Church didn't recognize her marriage to Tom in the first place.
She & Tom are already divorced, so obviously there was no question of a legal annulment.

How can you divorce someone you're not married to?
Again, this isn't directed at you, but the Church's position is to have it both ways.
They can't deal honestly with the subject of divorce so they wink and lie and pretend.
How can people dedicate their lives to a crooked Church?

Nicole didn't "buy off" the Catholic Church.

Let me ask you: Can poor people take advantage of this loophole?
This makes as much sense as Sir Mick Jagger or Sir Elton John or Sir Tom Jones.
Some guy makes good records 30 years ago so the Queen knights him?
At least the Queen is only selling the country's dignity, not God's.

As a legally divorced person who had never been previously married in a Catholic ceremony,
she was eligible to be married in the Catholic Church.

If Catholics are going to condone every out-of-wedlock marriage, why bother with the pretense?
Ted Kennedy was married (in the church, I'm sure) for 30 years, had 8 kids, but then decided that
it wasn't a "real" marriage and he wrote a check, traded for a newer model wife and God winked.

I'll bet the Garbage Fan Club has stricter rules than that.
How can people fall for such horse hockey?

Rudy the Nazi brought his goomah to church with him every Sunday.
He brought her into his home and into his bed in the same house as his wife!
Did they Diocese of New York have a problem with that?
No, because Rudy is rich and powerful and no doubt, wrote them a check.

Thousands of other Catholics in that same situation do so every year, but as most aren't famous, they don't
have to fend off accusations of bribing the Vatican.  Obviously, if Nicole's marriage ends in divorce, neither
would be eligible for remarriage in the Catholic Church. (Unless, of course, the Catholic marriage was annulled!
That would be the only time that annulment would come into play.)

I'll bet you're a nice person, but there's no way you have the salesmanship skills to get me to believe that
the going-broke Catholic Church has a quarter-ounce of integrity when it comes to this issue.
When Rush got busted for drugs, did he go to prison? No, because he wrote a check.
In the Catholic Church, every priest has the power to dispense "Get out of jail free" cards.

Can't we just congratulate her on her escape from the Thetans and wish them well?

M. Millington
Mpls. MN

I don't blame Nicole, she did what she wanted to do and the church blessed her.
But why bother to have faith in a corrupt church, and we didn't even mention their ongoing,
systematic, shuffle-enabling secret serial raping sprees of thousands of young boys.


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