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Subject: I need to vent

Bart,  I have to vent, and get this off my chest. 

After eight years of world-wide misery and suffering under (R)bush, et al,  the Democrats would 
have to work really hard to lose to a Republican in 2008. Really hard! They would have to really 
go way out of their way, to lose at this point in time. 

For instance: They would have to nominate a really young, little known candidate, short on experience. 
Check, check, and check. One who could be labeled as weak on defense and foreign policy, and 
perhaps unpatriotic.  Check, check, check. A flip-flopper. Check. 

This one would be difficult I know, but, they would have to nominate a candidate that that was less 
popular than their opponent was in the primary, one who actually lost the popular vote, and the electoral 
vote in the primary, thereby fracturing party support. No way! Right?  Check, check, check and check. 

Now this one is a real stretch but, you know those wacky Democrats; They would have to find someone 
who could be very closely tied to a radical group for say like 20 years, preferably a fringe religous group, 
that many would find offensive, anti-American, and way out of the mainstream. Please! Impossible! 
Check, check, check, check and check again! 

Now this one I know is way over the top, but, if the Democrats really wanted to lose in 08, they would 
have to nominate a virtually unknown Black guy with a Muslim name, an unknown Muslim father, who 
abandoned him, and have pictures of said candidate posing in muslim garb. Crazy, I know! But sadly again, 
alas, check, check, check, check, and check. 

You couldn't write a script this bad.   No one would believe it!   No one would buy it. 
How did the Democratic Party turn itself into this crazy, clownish, pack of collosal congenital losers? 


Thanks for letting me share, I feel a little better now...
 Kip in NJ. 

Kip, the good news is we haven't lost anything yet.

Obama could turn out to be badder than James Bond, Superfly and Shaft combined
but we're not going to know if we've won or lost until election night - hopefully..

Democrats voted for a "new kind" of Democrat.
Let's hope the country wants change as much as Obama thinks they do.

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