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Subject: Kissyface and the Wuss Party

I see that the democrats are the wusses that the republicans call them. They can't even fight 
the traitors of their own party. I knew they couldn't fight the opposing party, but I thought just 
possibly giving them the house, senate and presidency would make them grow some balls. 

I guess I was wrong. 

I worked my ass off for Obama and I'm not ready to give up on him before he takes office, 
although I'm not happy with his statements about Lieberman.   Hell I ate hamburger meat for months 
just so I could afford to give money not only to Obama but Senators in other states, I won't be that 
stupid again. They're too stupid and too big of wusses to be in the minority or majority.

Why are they so stupid that they pick their leaders that come from conservative or moderate states? 
I've always thought that was the stupidest pile of crap I ever heard of having a freaking a leader 
who has to worry about getting elected.

So after I give them my money, my time and put up with the shit I've put up with in this idiot 66% 
state because of it, they tell me and many others like me, "Screw You, where you gonna go!?"
Well I may not have anywhere else to go, but I better not be asked to donate money or make 
calls for any senator that bent over and said "Give it to me harder" to Lieberman today.

People actually wonder why so many don't vote and how dumbass Nader manages to still get 
any votes. It just might have something to do with we all love each other and bff up here on the
hill and the democrats seem to like to be on the receiving in of that friendship. I'm sorry if I didn't 
quite get that change meant let everyone screw you and you sit back and like it.

If I don't start seeing some balls in Washington come January I might become one of those non-voters, 
I don't see the point of voting(like it ever matters in this state), giving money, knocking on doors, 
making phone calls if even in the majority we're going to give into conservatives. I didn't work for 
conservative values and if my values aren't going to be given any consideration, they can all get screwed. 
And this might piss you and other Hillary supporters off as well as Obama supporters, but both or 
either could have and should of said "Screw you, Lieberman."

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