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 Subject: Kos polls

 Bart you wrote: 

> "When Hillary was ahead by 20-40 points, Kos had her at less than zero.
>   That's not a statistical anomoly, that's a bald-faced lie and Kos knew it when he ran it."

That was a typo - it should have said "less than one percent."

I don't remember any kos poll that had Hillary that low.

It's all in the back issues.
They even had the front-runner trailing "I don't know" which was super-stupid.

I remember polls showing Obama in the low 70's but that was after the Clinton supporters left the site.
Besides how can a candidate have less than zero? Its impossible.

Like I said, it was a typo.

Bart you wrote: 

> "How is it possible that 99% of Kos readers rejected the Democratic front-runner? "

Daily kos had turned into an anti-Hillary site.
That is why her supporters boycotted the site, taking a number of the front page editors with them.

Of course their reader polls are gonna be skewed towards Obama after all the Hillary supporters left.

I get skewed, but the front-runner at less than one percent?
How do you blind 7,000 people?

Bart you wrote: 

> "What if 99% of them preferred Pepsi to Coke - would you buy that, too?"

Well if I saw that an overwhelming majority of readers on a anti-Coca Cola website prefer Pepsi to Coke, I would believe it.

Bart you wrote:

> " Pretending Hillary had less than one percent of Democrats was insulting in its stupidity."

I don't agree with your less than one percent number from those polls,

...are you a gambling man?
I'm a busy man - if I take the time to dig that up, I'll need a reward.
I see YOU don't believe that less than one percent crap any more than I did.

and again nobody claimed they represented all of the Democrats.

CNN used Kos as :proof" that Hillary was unelectable.
Kos enjoyed that, I'm sure.

Maybe Kos was trying to play kingmaker, and he couldn't do that to Demo Royalty.
Or maybe Kos is one of those millions of Democrats who hate our only double winner since WWII..

All I'm trying to say is that there is a difference between the reader polls during the primaries
and the polls that are currently being run by Research 2000.
 Andy in Bakersfield CAart,

I agree.
There are honest polls and there are Kos polls.

Note to Kos:
Part of the trick to lying is making it believeable.
If you'd had it 60/40 Obama, I would've left it alone.
But showing the front-runner at less than one percent made Kos's credibility suffer.

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