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Subject: Your unhealthy Kos/Clinton fixation

Bart, you published Kos's comments, then wrote:

> It's time to rank the candidates. My rankings are based on where I think they would place
> if the elections started today, using a mix of poll results, CW, media attention, buzz, and other intangibles.

> Last month's results: 1) Clinton, 2) Obama, 3) Edwards, 4) Richardson, and the rest.

> Hmmm, Hillary went from less than one percent (when she was 25 points ahead)
> to a favorite now that Obama is hot on her tail? 

Dishonest much? 

As far as I know, no.

The 1 % figure you endlessly harp on is the result of a straw poll 
of the readers of Kos on who they would vote for. 

I know that - why would you think I didn't know that?

The line above that you quote is what Markos judges to be the result if the election were to be held today. 
Apples/oranges old chum. 

I guess it's physically impossible for two things to be absolutely identical,
so to some degree, everything on Earth is "apples and oranges."

And the occasional straw polls there only reflect the subset of the readership who actually voted. 
Oh, and by the way, she places last or near last in straw polls still. 

Are you saying that Kos readers are deranged?
How can they think the front-runner runs last?
Are you saying the Kos pollers have a problem with reality?
Why do they think the front-runner is running last?
How is it possible that she is disliked by 99 percent of Kos pollers?
Do you have an answer to those questions?

The difference, in case you still don't get it, is between who the straw poll responders want to vote for
as opposed to who Markos thinks is currently the leader among the US voters as a whole.

So if Kos had a straw poll that asked his readers to name the smallest American state,
and only one percent said, "Rhode Island," that would tell us ...what?
That the Kos pollers aren't very good with size issues?

Your constant use of logical fallacies to support your stands is becoming tiresome. 
Even when I agree with you on your stand, the dishonest manner in which defend those stands irks me no end.

You have failed to point out where I was dishonest.
My problem has always been that the TV networks use Kos's polls to inform their viewers 
that Hillary comes in at one percent on the biggest lefty blog of them all.

When asked if he was OK with the networks quoting his misinformation,
Kos's alledged reply was, "Bartcop isn't somebody I have to worry about."
So I can only guess that he is/was comfortable with being quoted in that manner.

My latest complaint is, after Hillary spent $50,000-$100,000 (my guess) at
now Kos seems to think it's time to set the record straight and show Hillary in the lead.
I guess I'm just a suspicious guy, thinking $100K might change a man's politics.
I would never accuse Kos because I have no proof..
I'm just asking the question because his timing is ...convenient.

And for the 10,000th time, yes, I understand what a straw poll is, but the networks 
use the shortcut, "according to Kos," and that's why I wondered if he cared.

Still a fan

Thanks for keeping it semi-civil.

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