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Subject: your fight with Kos

Why do you hide the thrust of Kos' comment?  

I don't have to hide anything - I'm telling the truth.

What he said was that he's always been clear about what he thought about the DLC and Clinton's performance 
in the 90s--good and bad.  What he said was that people who agreed with him tended to read his site.   
Those who don't are free to do whatever they want.  This is why his polls never supported Hillary--the people 
who favored her didn't agree with Kos so they didn't read his site so she didn't get support.  

Mike, you're wrong.
I can't get half my readers to agree that the f-ing sun is hot.

How does Kos get 98% of his readers to agree that the most successful Democrats since FDR 
are back-stabbing frauds who must be sacrificed so whoever's behind Door #2 can take power?
How does Kos find people with minds of clay that can be sculpted into anything he likes?

If I held a poll and asked, "Who's the greatest rock n roll icon of all time?"
do you think 98% of my readers would say Shirley Manson?  
Of course not, but apparently Kos has that kind of control over his readers.
I think that's creepy.

All the while, you pretended that Kos was cheating or skewing the polls dishonestly.  

I didn't pretend anything.  If you hold a Favorite Super Hero poll at Comicon 
and Batman gets less than 1%, you can bet your sac that the poll is rigged.

Kos enjoyed running those phony polls because he knew whores like FOX and CNN 
would broadcast, "Hillary is unelectable - just ask the Great and Powerful Kos!" 

What you have not admitted is that the most popular progressive site has been supported 
and read by people whose first choice is not Hillary.  Nowhere near half his people have left his site.

If "Democrats" read him, he lost 47% of his readers.
If his readers are "Hillary haters," he didn't lose that many.

I continue to read and enjoy you and take you at your word that you will support the Democratic 
nominee but I do think that you have a reverse Clinton derangement syndrome.  Whatever she does 
is because that's what it takes to win and whatever Obama (or anyone not for Hillary) does is because 
they want to lose or is somehow underhanded because it doesn't support Her.
 Mike in Cheney 

I have no idea what that last sentence meant.

I prefer Hillary, but I still like Obama.

She's fighting half the Democrats AND all the Republicans AND all the whore media.
Am I a bad guy for helping a friend who the whore media tries to rape daily?

People say, "You ignore her shortcomings," which is true.
If Obama can ever get his shit together and finally knock her out,
I'll be ignoring his shortcomings for the next 8.5 years.

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