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Subject: Bush


Not sure if you remember me, I was pretty active a few years back. 
I havent been reading your site for a few months, until a couple weeks ago 
i started checking it again. Been thinking for over a week about sending this message....

Dude, what has happened to you??

I've been asked that question maybe 100 times this year.
I am the same consistent guy you've always known.
If, as time goes by, we find ourselves on slightly different paths,
there's no evidence to suggest that *I* was the guy who took the detour.

First, I was an Edwards supporter.. and worked for Howard Dean in 2004-04. 
But to see you support a heavy DLC'er like Hillary.. with the likes of pink tutu Dems 
like Begala, Mark Penn, Terry Mcauliffe, etc etc.... WTF?!

Are you trying to insult me or are you doing it accidentally?
For the purpose of this conversation, let's just say I prefer winning to losing.
The DLC claims the only back-to-back Democratic president in 60 years 
and maybe I'm just tired of losing with candidates who avoid the center.

And thought I would never see you attack people like Keith Olberman
... Randi... Edwards.. on and on.

I didn't change - they did - at least Randi and Keith..
Both of them re-invented themselves and their careers as Hillary haters.
Both of them spend all day every day screaming insults at Bill and Hillary
and you ask what happened to Ol' Bart? 

On the other hand, what specific changes do you see in me?
I might be a little more frustrated than the last time you read me,
but that's because I think we traded certain victory for some gamble..
Will I live long enough to see a Democrat back in the White House?

Whats next, are you going to start attacking people like Will Pitt? ... Jon Stewart? ... 
What about Howard Dean?

Will Pitt is to my left, but he hasn't made a new career out of slamming Hillary.
He writes an anti-Hillary column now and then - and he moves on.
Pitt doesn't live on I-Hate-Hillary Street, so he's OK by me..
We're not on exact wavelengths, but I'd never write to him and say 
"What happened to you?" if he liked a different Democrat than me.
Neither Will Pitt nor I need to be forgiven.

Wait, you said you started out for Edwards, then Dean... I assume you're 100% 
all-out Obama now, so why should I defend myself when you changed twice?

Jon Stewart is in comedy trouble.
Maybe they stretched their writing staff too thin, but Jon is about 1/3 as funny as he was 
before the writer's strike.  Don't take my word for it - when he comes back, watch him 
with a pencil and paper. Each time Jon tells a joke and nobody laughs, make a check mark.

It's kinda sad - his comedic timing tells him to end the joke, then wait for the audience to laugh.
But slowly, he realizes there's no laugh coming so he starts back up again.   It hurts to watch.
He takes cheap shots at Hillary because it's easy and it's a guaranteed show stopper, 
like a 10 year old Monica joke.  Jon is on my "forgive list" when this is all over.

I've always liked Howard, but he bungled this MI and FL thing bad.
Also, compared to Obama and the Clintons, he's powerless.
Maybe Chairman of the Party should've gone to a wartime consiglieri.

If you dont remember me then this might sound strange... but I consider you like an old friend. 
And I tell you this as a friend... its over, the race for the Dem nominee has BEEN OVER 
for some time now. If you cant do the math in your head, get a calculator... its statistically 
IMPOSSIBLE for Hillary to win.

Its almost like you need an intervention.
Again, as a friend I'm asking you....Please stop it!

Lets move forward and start hitting at McCain.


Kelley, your attitude puzzles me - so let me try something.

Let's say you were born gay - with me so far?
You enjoy looking at men, but I enjoy watching women.

But you can't leave that situation alone.

You want to stand there and demand an explanation of why I don't prefer men.
It seems you refuse to allow me the rights you claim for yourself.
Why can't you believe in, "We all have our preferences?" 

You can say, "This race is over," ten thousand times, but that's not true.
If it was true, you'd be all smiles and singing and whistling with glee, but instead,
you're angry with me because I don't lust after men. That makes no sense.

Seems like an old friend might say, "I like my candidate, you like yours, 
so good luck and may the best candidate win and then we'll join forces
and kick McCain's ass."   But no, you're not saying anything close to that.

Then you tell me to get a calculator like I'm some fucking 5 year old who can't add?

Then you suggest I might need an intervention?  
Because I like women instead of men?

And the dumbest part?
The score is maybe 47-45 in the fourth quarter and WE have the ball.
And you just can't figure out why we're not ready to lay down and surrender?

Are you sure this is the page you used to read?

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