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Subject: an adult opinion on NAFTA

Bart, you published a guy who wrote:

> PS: I liked Bill.  But he fucked me over signing NAFTA...

> Every time someone says that, I ask them to explain how NAFTA screwed you.
> So far, I've never gotten a reply that makes any sense.  Care to be the first?
> Most Leftys hate NAFTA but they can't say why - they send links, instead.

Well, it's too late for JerryD to be first, because I beat him to it, and you know it. 
But, you're going to keep spreading this lie, aren't you, even though I, without the use 
of any "links" explained exactly how NAFTA screwed the workers in this country, 
and I totally destroyed the strawman argument of your "scientist". But, you're not gonna 
let your fellow sycophants see that, are you? You're just gonna ignore it, and keep 
telling the lie that "no one can say why they hate NAFTA". 
So instead of answering the question, you send me a Snot-gram
saying that you've already answered the question in a prior Snot-gram?

Seriously, if you sent something before, it's probably still in your Out Box,
meaning it would've been easier to copy-and-paste that and answer the damn question,
but instead, you chose to send the Snot-gram because - hell, I don't know.
Were you trying to prove you're too stupid to be lazy?

Tell me, Bart, how does it benefit anyone in this country to nominate someone
that you have to lie about in order to make them look good? 

Is that a real sentence?
Have you ever thought of re-reading your crap before you hit "Send?"

You keep saying that none of the "Leftys" (sic) can explain how NAFTA screwed anyone, 
but I notice that neither you, nor the other Clinton sycophants can explain how the "prosperity" 
of the '90's benefitted all those who lost their jobs to Mexicans because of Clinton's NAFTA. 

You're not making any sense.
When *I* have extra-strong opinions about something, I can explain myself.

When you have extra-strong opinions about something, you make wild, unsubstantiated claims 
(all those jobs went to Mexico because of NAFTA!!) and demand that I explain things to you.
If you feel strongly about something, say what the fuck it is in plain English or shut up.

I would love to see you respond to that point honestly, but you can't. 

The point that you fabricated without any substantiation?
How could anybody explain what's in your unable-to-explain mind?

All you can do is offer up non sequiturs and straw man arguments. 

I asked for someone to explain NAFTA.
Your answer was "I already explained it."
That's not an answer.
How can anybody reason with you?

It's a little vague to just say that we had "prosperity" in the '90's. 
But, who prospered, Bart? The auto workers in Detroit, or the CEO's. 
Who are the Clintons more loyal to, do you think?  
 Krazy Keith (Yes, that Keith)

Perhaps the difference in our respective IQs is causing this rift (Not a compliment).
If you want to claim there was no prosperity in the Nineties, I can only assume 
(because you can't speak for yourself) that you prefer the Bush years.

Remember how this started?

> Most Leftys hate NAFTA but they can't say why - they send links, instead.

Since you can't explain why you hate NAFTA, you send me a snot-gram, instead

I'd like to say, "Good day, Sir!" but the simplicity of that statement
might knock you out of your chair and I don't want to be responsible.

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