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Bart attacked by
 It's been a while since somebody asked for a date with my right boot

I decided to spend a little time visiting pro-Clinton sites, even before the Wright controversy, 
hoping, as an Obama supporter, to avoid the tunnel vision that can come from only listening 
to the hymns sung by your own choir.

But to be honest, I'm finding it harder and harder to go back. (Here's what I saw:)

> Bart, Obama has attended this church for twenty years.
> He brings his impressionable daughters to hear this hateful speech every Sunday?

> Good point.

"Good point," huh? 
So, I take it then, Bart, that you've concluded that Trinity United Church of Christ
- a congregation of several thousand people - is unfit for small children. I mean, 
that has to be what you're saying, right? It can't be unfit for Obama's kids, but okay 
for everyone else's - only a hypocrite taking a cheap shot would suggest that. 

First, all religions are money-grubbing crutches that are used by the weak and the stupid 
to feel safe from the Devil that doesn't even exist.  The purpose of church is to steal money 
from the sick, the old, the dying and mostly, the stupid. 

"Give me your money or the invisible, non-existent Devil will get you."
Holy Mother of Koresh, who could fall for that horseshit con game except the extremely stupid?
There is no Devil so he's not coming to get you.

I don't know if the TUCC is any better or worse than other churches - who gives a fuck?

If you think the Devil's going to drag you into his Dungy Flame Cave unless you fork over 10% 
of your cash to some idiot church, you're probably too far gone to be reasoned with, anyway.

Christ, all the things I've said in 2130 issues and you pick that to argue with?
I guess you'd take your kids to a church where some unstable grandstander screams,
"God damn America?"

If you have kids, I hope they take after their Mom. 
If I had kids, I'd want them to be in their mid-teens before they 
were exposed to something as dangerous as religious insanity.

So, Bart, I'd be interested in knowing exactly what research you did to support this condemnation. 

ha ha
Yeah, that's what I did.
I spent lots of time doing investigative reasearch on the TUCC because screaming "God damn America"
doesn't quite give me a clear enough picture of the mental state of the screamer.  Are you crazy?

In case you're interested - and I'm guessing you're not - I have done some. 
And it doesn't even begin to support your slander.

ha ha
You gonna sue me for slander?
Can we webcast it, because I promise it'll be entertaining.

BTW, it was a great tactical move on Obama's part to join a church that has 8,000 members 
in his state congressional district - nobody ever said he was stupid. 

Trinity UNC is in many ways an extraordinary church, with anything but a separatist philosophy, 
always welcoming to white visitors... 

White folks come from near and far to hear Wright scream, "Nobody ever called Hillary a nigger?"
That would surprise me but then, religious people are kinda crazy by definition.

...and with a strong tradition of public service. Even Rev. Wright himself, while at times controversial, 
is nothing like the caricature that's been painted of him.  Do you care about that Bart? 
Do you give a rat's ass, or is this just a golden opportunity to bring Obama down?

I do not care about any of that.  The machine that could measure how little I care about religion 
has yet to be invented. The best thing I can say about Wright or preachers or pastors is that 
they're raping fewer little boys than those wacky Catholics.  Probably.

If Wright brings down Obama, it won't be because of anything I said or wrote.

The post in question is fairly typical of what can be found in the reader comments at pro-Clinton sites...

Steve, I question your sanity.
Obama's kids are 6 and 9. 
What do kids that age gain by hearing some crazy old coot scream "God damn" and "Nigger?"

I'll bet Obama monitors what his kids watch on TV.
Maybe he should monitor the religious insanity he's exposing those kids to.

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