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Dr Laura Caught Cheating!

Dr. Laura took to the water a few years ago and her new passion is sailboat racing. 
She suddenly started winning everything in 2008. Now, she is, unbeknownst to the rest of the world for now, 
embroiled in a rather huge and blatant cheating scandal. The likelihood that this is a false charge IMHO is practically nil, 
since the racing community is quite small and PHRF is tight knit and completely engaged in the perfection of their passion 
for fair racing standards. 

Like golf, people are expected to police themselves, and knowledge of and adherence to the rules is a simple, 
yet paramount matter. Dr. Laura (allegedly) modified her boat to make it faster and purposely failed to report those 
modifications in order to gain an unfair advantage over the boats against whom she competed. 

Sidebar: There are a LOT of guys on this circuit who don't have much money, including numerous boat owners 
(you can buy an old racer for $750 to $10,000 . . . though Laura’s boat cost A LOT more than that.

This is a scoop!
This came out in the Santa Barbara thread - from the January PHRF SoCal meeting minutes:

Chief Handicapper's Report:
1. STING, USA55 (J92S) Chuck Brewer – Request for Rating Review – First Reading
Chuck and Carl Swaisgood represented the boat. They handed out extensive information on how the boat is being reworked. 

Chuck explained that the former owner, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, had “gutted” it, removing the forward tank, head and much more. 
He plans it to restore it to the original configuration. He requested the board re-rate the boat as a standard J92S rating like in the 
rest of the country. The PHRF Chief Handicapper asked several questions and so did other board members about the repairs. 

Until the parts come from the factory they are using weights to compensate for the missing tank etc. The men were excused 
and an extensive discussion began. The PHRF Chief Handicapper explained to the new board members that SO CAL PHRF 
rates performance boats more harshly than the rest of the country so to restore this boat to a rating like in other parts of the US 
would not be consistent with the way that other performance boats are rated in SO CAL. 

The discussion continued and concluded with a decision to table a rating change until the owner finishes restoring the boat 
and gets some race data to support his request.  The board then took up a discussion of the former owner’s changes to the 
boat without notifying PHRF of Southern California. The discussion concluded with the decision to require the former owner 
to come in for a disciplinary hearing. The PHRF Judge Advocate will write a letter to her reminding her that she must notify 
PHRF when making such changes to her other boats and requiring that she or her representative come in for a disciplinary hearing. 
The Fleet Secretary was tasked with organizing all documentation on STING and sending it to the Judge Advocate.

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