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Well, this is the big one. 
...and I choose my words carefully. 

Picture Fourteen is a felony in every state but California. 
This is an ugly, ugly picture. 

Dr. Laura Schlessinger desparately WANTS you to see her vagina. 
Well, I'm not going to give her what she wants. 
I don't care how much Dr. Laura wants you to see her, .....pardon me, gaping vagina. 
I will not allow that kind of filth on

I asked my good friend Kevin Cunningham to use his talents 
to mask the offending area, which is really offensive, trust me. 
Dr. Laura really wants you to see her Bush, 
but I won't be a party to such shocking, graphic pictures. 

Dr. Laura Naked photo, Dr. Laura NUDE

This is the Doc Spread 'Em picture digitally cleaned up. 
I have the un-doctored photo, and it made me regurgitate my tofu. 

Doc Meng, 

Doc Meng, how could you?

Doc Meng, think of the children!!!!!!!! 

Doc Meng, how could you?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, famous talk-show bitch-harpy, 
if you don't like the FACT that this is your gaping kootie
if you don't like the FACT that you're a lying, on-the-payroll, slut-whore, bitch... 


Click HERE to start your lawsuit, slut.

Gee, I wonder what Exhibit One might be???? 

 Click  Here to see Dr Laura Naked 15

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