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Subject: Obama and sand slipping thru fingers...  

If Obama would show up for work, or Pelosi or Reid not show utter incompetence, there would be
no one cheering louder and jumping up and down with joy than

Obama has my gratitude and respect for showing true courage for reaching out to the Muslim world
in a rational fashion right after he came into office. Simply stating that he wasn't an insane Crusader
was more of a positive achievement in the "War on Terror" (aka Muslims) than anything we achieved
militarily in ? years, because we are in two pointless wars based on lies that we can't win no way no how.
He paid dearly for addressing Muslims like they are human  - but at least he had the balls to do it. Then.

And after "Obamacare" passed, I was bowled over by the fact I only had to pay $12 for a prescription
medication I used to pay $20 for. Obama has saved me $16 during his presidency!! Thanks, buddy!
(But I am not overwhelmed because affordable health care has become a fantasy. Lucky to have any
stinking, rotten job these days. Getting a full time job with benefits would feel like winning the lottery.
The business model for all those new jobs the Republicans say they will generate mean No Benefits and
Little Income to maximize income for shareholders and executives. George W, with a smirk, addressing
the issue of out-sourcing of American jobs, said he knew in his heart the American worker could compete
with any worker in the world, on a level playing field. Yes - if that level playing field is Haiti or Bangladesh!
That's what they want to reduce us to.... Yeah, Americans will soon be desperate enough to take wages
The All-Knowing Free Market (wink wink) pays out in the Third World.

Facts is facts. His was an historic election after the worse president in history destroyed the global economy
and with a smirk on his face. People wanted a fundamental overhaul of the system because their economic
survival was at stake because of the looting of America by bankers and the Military Industrial Complex Ike
saw coming. Obama, if he would have chosen to do so, had megatons of political capital to make big, bold
achievements. People wanted an end to the wars (that sure would stop hemorrage of American lives and
treasure), and someone should have held Bush and Cheney et al accountable for war crimes like water-boarding
 - at least had a national acknowledgement of misconduct and a change of direction. But its been business
as usual with Barry. "Who you gonna bomb, Obama?" asked Mike Gravel, during one of the primary debates
 - and he was spot on for exposing the fact that no one but he, Kucinich, and Ron Paul were truly anti-war.

He also chose not to fight the opposition and address the lies Republicans told about him from Day One.
He handed over the powers of the Presidency, and decisions to be made, to idiots Pelosi and Reid. WHY?

That's a great question - one I'd like to see answered.

MAYBE he saved us from even greater calamity by his moderate actions and not punishing the
Wall Street gangstas. I'll be long dead before history determines that.

If he had only chosen to fight the Republicans who in lock-step resolved to utterly destroy his Presidency
the way he fought "racists" Hillary and Bill in the primary, I give you my Nancy Grace guarantee that the
economy would have recovered significantly, and me and millions like me would have a job, health insurance,
and I'd be able to resume sending money to support instead of living in desperate anxiety about
how the hell my family is going to pull through..

What the heck is going on? Does he not read newspapers either, like monkeyboy? Is he as out of touch
with reality as Elvis and Michael Jackson? Does he not like being President? If so, why run again in 2012?
Why not give power to a sane person who knows how to use it - Hillary Clinton comes to mind.....
(It makes no sense, but he will run again - and betcha he loses in a landslide to Sarah Palin, and if he survives,
he will be impeached. For something. Whatever. And Boehner will be Prez.)

Carville called this one right. He's not playing political games - he's trying to talk sense into this guy!
He sees what's around the corner - control of the government by right wing wackos and plutocrats.
Nixon, Goldwater, Dole, even Reagan, and maybe even George W are not crazy enough to be President
these days. The Republican party has gone Cheney crazy. Koresh! - we're now living in a world where
Karl Rove looks pragmatic, sensible and moderate.

And how did Nancy Pelosi survive in the Democratic party after the red-ass election day 2010?
I do not understand - someone please explain this to me. There's got to be a great story behind
all this stupid shit that has been going on.

Jimmy Carter had a tough time, and was brought down, but he was fighting when he was brought down.
They say he spent the night before Reagan's inauguration on the couch, still working for the release of the
hostages (impossible, because Casey had made a deal with the Ayatollahs). Are the lights on late at night
in the Oval Ofc this days? What's going on?

Pardon me if I am very pissed off at the state of affairs. Republican evil/Democratic cowardice and incompetence.
Obama's incompetence and Republican ruthlessness and focus will deliver us into the Dark Age of war and poverty
we may have had a temporary pass on since 2008. America will not recover economically from the War on Terror,
anymore than England recovered after taking on Hitler.


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