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Subject: Re: Leave Rush Alone!

Hi, Bart -- I've been reading your site since forever and wanted to thank you
for the link to my Rush video. Vee told me she'd sent it to you. Having you pass
it on is much appreciated!

Can't help but wonder if many still remember that a couple of weeks before
limbaugh was busted for 4000+ oxycontin, he'd expressed outrage that some were
suggesting we should stop arresting such a disproportionate number of black and
Hispanic people for drug possession. He insisted that what we needed to do was
start arresting more white people for drug possession.

And, not too long after some poor 17yo kid in central Florida was sentenced to
25 years for having been caught with FOUR (yes, FOUR) oxycodone for which he had
no prescription, rush was busted with his 4000+ oxycodone and allowed to
hightail it to a spa. And it was considered "a private matter!"

No one seemed to care much about rush being busted with viagra that didn't
belong to him, when returning from a "sex tour" to the Dominican Republic.
Although no one demanded videos, I wish they'd been discovered -- and turned
over to the proper authorities.

I started telling everyone who'd listen that rush was doing mass quantities of
oxycodone TEN YEARS before he was busted, but no one believed me until he was
busted. After a bad car accident, I took ONE (prescribed) oxycodone and within
twenty minutes hated everyone (with a passion) and wanted to kill someone (with
glee). Suddenly I KNEW how he maintained that constant level of anger. And when
his hearing went, my suspicions were confirmed. That's one of the "side effects"
of oxy in mass quantities. I have NO doubt but that he's still popping enough
vicodin every day to kill a "lesser" human (is there a "lesser human: than rush?)
...while patients in real and constant pain can't get a single prescription.

Here's hoping this rage-filled, drug-addled, hate-monger of a pedophile is (finally) DONE!
Thanks again for the link.


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