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Leaving Obama
by Andy Ostroy, The Ostroy Report 


If Michelle Manning's frustration and disappointment is any indication of what's in store for
Obama in 2012, he may be in very serious trouble. Obama, who made his re-election bid official
in a video message released Monday morning, is struggling to retain his most loyal supporters.
And Michelle was one of his fiercest devotees.

"I can't (support him) anymore. I worked too hard for him. I gave too much. I stood out
in the freezing rain on Super Tuesday in Union Square holding a sign seven months pregnant
begging for votes all day. I knocked on doors in Pennsylvania for two days begging for votes
while I was nursing my new newborn baby, taking breaks to pump milk with a portable breast
pump and a cooler in my car every three hours. I was a maxed out donor. I made two videos
I put up on YouTube at my own production expense. He owes me. He needs to at least keep
his promises, and he hasn't. I haven't wanted to say anything so as not to betray my party,
but I am an American first, and a Democrat second, and keeping my mouth shut is wrong.
We need another option in 2012. I'm afraid Mr. Obama is a one term president, and the
sooner we recognize that and start working on Plan B, the better off we will be when the
time comes. Pretending he's doing a good job isn't helping anyone, and I'm afraid the
"give him time" grace period is over. It's reelection time already. I want another option."

Yes, many of us are disappointed in President Surrender, but he's going to win a second term.

I have $50 that says he's going to win - anybody want to gamble with me?


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