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Subject: Zeppelin, Queen and The Clash

Bart, I saw all three of those bands live.

I saw Led Zep twice, once for the Physical Graffiti tour (75) and then the Presence tour that followed. (77)
Both shows were at Madison Square Garden in NYC. The seats were ok quality. Not the hightest nosebleed
but up there. Great shows of course.

I saw Queen at the Garden as well. It was the Jazz tour.
Great show but I had really wanted them to do songs from Queen II which they did not.
That was my favorite Queen album at the time.

I agree - Queen II might be the hardest rocking album of all time.

Click to Order   possible-hardest rocking album of all time

If I remember correctly, I had orchestra seats for this show.
They had amazing lighting, real cutting edge at the time. Powerhouse of a band.

I saw the Clash a number of times. My favorite was their very first show in NYC supporting
Give Them Enough Rope in Feb '78..  

That show was amazing, probably the best show I have ever seen. I remember them
just running out on the stage of Palladium and blasting into "I'm So Bored With The USA."

It was called "the Pearl Harbor Tour" and it sure lived up to it's name. The Clash blasted the
shit out of us and took no prisoners. Totally awesome.   Great line up with the Cramps and Bo Diddley.
I had pretty decent seats located in the first lodge. It was above the orchestra and below the upper balcony.
Great site lines.

The Clash returned to NYC in Sept of that year. That was the show that the cover of London Calling
was shot, Paul Simonon smashing his base. I was at that show and saw that with my own eyes. Amazing.
They did some numbers from a yet to be released London Calling. I remember hearing the Guns of Brixton
at that show. The Undertones from Northern Ireland and Sam and Dave opened up.

I also saw The Clash at their infamous Bonds shows on Broadway. They played over two weeks worth
of shows to which I attended two. They had originally booked one week's worth of shows at Bonds but
the venue oversold the capacity and the FDNY was going to shut it down. The tickets sold out amazingly
fast because the band announced that these would be the only shows in the USA that year.

The Clash agreed to do two weeks worth of shows too accommodate the fire marshalls and everyone was happy. 
It was history in the making.

Last week I saw Big Audio Dynamite play at the Roseland Ballroom. As I watched Mick Jones play
I thought about how I had seen him play some 30 years earlier, not too far from there, at Bonds.
BAD was great, the next best thing to seeing The Clash.

  Harold K


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