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Subject: Answering "What happened to you?"

Bart, I was a huge fan of yours until you started losing your grip on reality. 

Wait, slow down a minute. Can I ask a question?

If you and I went to see the most recent Charlie's Angels movie, and you said 
you thought Cameron Diaz was pretty and I said Demi Moore was sexier, 
...would that be because I had lost my grip on reality?

Is it possible that two sane people can see things differently?

How is it that you are bothered by people who question what has happened to you?

F-ing DUH! 
Because it implies the problem is mine.
When two people disagree, who decides which one of them is wrong?
It would appear the answer is YOU - and I'd like to see your proof..

You made your name in the blogosphere by calling a spade a spade, 

Thank you. not falling for spin, and most importantly, because of the no-nonsense, 
tell-the-truth-at-all-costs attitude you used to have.

...and now,

...I've taken the GOP whore bribes and I lie to keep my new, high-paying job?

And I think you just called me a liar, too - and you say *I* have changed?.

Let me ask you one simple question, prefaced by some undeniable facts:

I can smell the bullshit already.

* Hillary's lies about facing sniper fire in Bosnia mean her integrity is hugely in question.

* Her stating, on the record several times over, that McCain would make a better 
   commander in chief than Obama violates the most basic rules about party loyalty.

* When she was the presumptive nominee she and her brain trust originally said they 
   would follow the rules about Florida and Michigan, but now that they are trailing 
   they have conveniently changed their position.

Dude, you are obviously a hyper-strung Obama partisan. 
Everything is very, very clear to you - you know everything and you can't 
understand why someone like the usually reasonable Bartcop isn't dangling 
his feet off the same edge of the roof as you..

Gee, could it be that you and I are different people?

Saying, "I can answer that question" and then dragging up the same old crap
that old friends have been arguing about for 5 months - why would you do that?
Are you not sure of yourself?    Do you need my validation to feel better?

I haven't read ahead, but are you going to bring up Monica, too?
And you want to know why *I* have changed?

Let's say Hillary does come away with the nomination. Are you comfortable with 
a candidate that is so desperate to win that she will throw her integrity out the window?

My God, that question is more loaded than Bush the night he drove into the trash cans.
The phrasing of that question means honest communication between us is not an option.

You see one candidate as "so desperate" and the other as clean as the baby Jesus?
You don't see two ruthless politicians trying to win at all costs?

I think maybe this country has changed.

I remember you - I don't remember you being this religious before.
You and I can't even have a conversation without you setting yourself on fire.
If Obama loses, I think you'll consider suicide.

Have you ever thought about thinking twice?

What America do you live in where all must fall in line or they're mentally defective?

To put that question another way, if this was sports and an athlete won "at all costs"
by cheating, lying and breaking the rules, is that athlete someone you could cheer for?

Look at the respect I show your candidate, 
then look at the respect you show mine.

...and you say *I* am the guy who changed?

Do you understand that you haven't asked a single, adult question?

Have you been listening to a lot of Randi Rhodes, lately? 

Seriously - think back to the person you were last Thanksgiving. 
Obama hadn't announced yet, and you and I were probably friends, you might even 
have been a subscriber at one time - thank back to those days, all those months ago..

Now compare the Lee you are right this minute --  to the Lee you were then.
Tell me, what do you see?  Can you explain the differences?

Every opinion I've had since February of 1995 is available for your inspection.
According to you, I've done some kind of wacky, mental 180 since Thanksgiving.
According to you, I've become some monster you hardly recognize anymore, so go thru 
the back issues and prove your point by qualifying and quantifying these severe changes..

Bart, the reason so many of your readers are frustrated with you is that 
you appear to have lost your common sense. 

How many times do you have to hurl a charge before it comes true?
If we disagree- what makes YOU right?

You constantly argue that Hillary is the most "winnable" candidate, 
but if that's the case why hasn't she won more primaries, more caucuses, 
more states and more of the popular vote?

Here's your answer.

<Bart does a shot>

I've been watching a lot of news lately, have you?
It would appear that Obama does great with certain demographics
and Hillary does great with white folk who don't have a college degree.

How's your math?

But that's not even the point - because you have religion.
No amount of science and logic is ever going to change your mind.
You have found salvation and the Devils can't see the Truth the way Lee can.

Common sense dictates that someone so winnable would actually be winning. 

There you go again.  The hare is faster than the tortoise, goddammit, and Ol Bart is 
so devoid of common sense that he can't see the inevitability of the hare's victory, 
and Bart is so devoid of ethics that he can't understand the concept of speed, 
and not only that, he so blind he can't see it, yadda, yadda, yadda.... 

And if the tortoise wins - will your family know what to do with you?
It's almost like one of us has bet his sanity on this election.

Me?  I don't give a fuck - I just want the war to end.

And yet, even though that is clearly not the case, you cling to your line of thinking. 

Do you ever make friendly bets?
How certain are you that Obama will win?
What odds can a delusional old friend get?

From the way you talk, I'd say 20-1 is about right - what do you think?
I'll put up $50, you put up $1000 and loser pays St Jude's Hospital - deal?

I'll take the immoral, desperate, no-integrity, position-changing, cheater,
liar and rule-breaker who nobody could cheer for and you can have Obama.

C'mon, let's gamble like men and help some sick kids in the process.

Do we have a deal? 

Wait, let me guess - gambling is wrong, am I correct?
 ha ha
People are always uber-hyper confident - until it's time to get their wallets out.

People used to go to your site to get away from all the spin that's out there; 
now your site is bursting at the seams with spin.

If  is "bursting with spin," there must be hundreds or thousands of 
political sites that are bursting with honesty and political integrity- am I right?
Got a list?

Thanks Lee.

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