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Subject: Why is the Left so sleepy when it comes to 9/11?

Short answer: The Left is sleepy on everything

On the day of September the 11th, they told us it was Osama bin Laden. 
I believed them. Then they told us it was Saddam Hussein. 
For a few days, I kinda believed them.

I remember the first time they reported this on FOX News. 
I was reclining and I sat up and said, "Saddam Hussein did this? Get him!" 
but later I figured out that it wasn't Saddam, and everyone on the Left did, too.

But these people (who knew Saddam did not do it) for some reason went back 
to believing the old story, but I said, "No. Uh-uh. You can't tell me one thing, then
another, and have me go back to believing the first thing like you never said the second."

Then they said Khalid Sheik Muhammed was the ringleader, and everyone on the left believed them.
Why is the Left so sleepy when it comes to 9/11? The murderers are still on the loose, and they have
bad-ass weapons. Enough to poof the entire World Trade Center complex into dust in seconds.
That's a pretty powerful weapon.

I'm tired of people knowing Saddam was a lie but still hating ObL. 
It defies logic.

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