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<>Let Bush's tax cuts expire
...if we want to lower the deficit

The simple facts are these: All of the Bush tax cuts were unaffordable.

And our Democrats just sat there while the Bush bastards ruined the economy.

They were an irresponsible act of hubris enacted during an economic boom.
Conservatives thought they would force us to shrink the government. But with Republicans
controlling everything, did reduced taxes cause reduced spending?

No. They led to ever-increasing borrowing and a ballooning deficit.

We have one of the smallest governments among all the world's rich countries. Yet we refuse
to pay for it. (Yes, health-care spending is the big exception and, yes, we will have to get those
costs under control.) I understand the fear that this is not a good time to raise taxes.
But the impact of marginal shifts in tax rates on growth is pretty unclear.

Bill Clinton raised taxes in 1993 and ushered in a period of extraordinarily robust growth.
George W. Bush cut taxes massively in 2001 and got meager growth in return. Three tax cuts
enacted since the financial crisis have done little to spur growth.

Congress could extend all the tax cuts for a year but then let them expire. Better yet,
spend money on far more efficient ways to spur job creation, such as tax credits for jobs,
which the CBO estimates would create four to six times as many jobs as would tax cuts.

Fareed, have you been reading  again?

When the Bush tax cuts expire, we save two trillion dollars - BOOM!

If only the Democrats had a clue, or the will,
to communicate important information to the voters.

                        "We're scared and helpless!"

Wait, don't forget worthless.

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