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Subject: Obama/Bush on State Secrets

Hi Bart:
You wrote:
> Because if he taps fewer phones, and we get hit by Bush's al-Qaeda friends, the GOP and talk radio 
> and the Whore Times and the WaHoPo and the cable Nazis and everyone else in the Bush media 
> will claim we got hit because the Democrats don't know how to fight terrorism.
I'm really disappointed in you Bart and I feel you've let me and a lot of other readers down.  
This has to be the lamest excuse I've heard yet for president Obama's about-face on spying and so-called "state secrets"  
During his campaign, candidate Obama said the the Bush administration was abusing the state secrets argument, now that 
he is president, Obama is not only claiming the original Bush DOJ position, he is also claiming that lawsuits cannot proceed 
unless the government willfully discloses any information gathered under this illegal program in a public manner, an argument 
that would get a first-year law student laughed out of class.  This principle simply does not exist and Obama's DOJ is stretching 
the state secrets argument beyond the point of breaking.

As far as asking Obama about this, the question was raised on Thursday, April 9th during a press conference, 
when Robert Gibbs, official mouthpiece of the administration was asked the following:
 Q. Last Friday, the Justice Department invoked the state secrets privilege in asking a judge to dismiss a civil suit filed 
against the National Security Administration regarding its domestic surveillance program. And in its brief, the Justice 
Department argued that Americans have no right to sue the government for alleged illegal surveillance.
Does the President support the Justice Department's positions in that case?
MR. GIBBS: Yes, absolutely. It's absolutely does. Obviously, these are programs 
that have been debated and discussed, but the President does support that viewpoint.
The Obama administration has already answered the question and it is clear he supports the Bush position 100% and even 
goes further into previously unclaimed territory by asserting that no damage has been done if the government keeps the 
information gathered about individuals secret and does not reveal it.  

This is an outrage and for you to claim that Obama has no choice due to the threat of terrorism 
is nothing more than wishful thinking and self-delusion. 

Bart, I've read your website for years and was very encouraged by your stand against the excesses of the Bush regime, 
but now that a Democrat, Obama is in the White House, you seem to have lost any fervor for holding the executive branch accountable.  
You are now using the same rationale that the Republicans used in supporting the illegal activities of Bush and Co.  
And that is very disappointing indeed.
 Scott in Phoenix

Scott, you're as wrong as sex with as mule.

I'm not supporting Obama's turnaround/back-stabbing/power-grab/Bush-ish decision.
I took a wild stab at mind-reading in an attempt to explain what he might be thinking
and you're seeing that as some kind of betrayal?

It's the same with the pot issue.
Clinton and Obama both dislike the pot laws, but they refused to take action, I suppose,
because it would give the churches and the right-wing and lazy-ass comedians ammunition
and right now he doesn't need the headache.

How can my attempted stab-in-the-dark for an explanation offend anybody?
At worst, I'm wrong about Obama's motives.

Geez, have a little faith.

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