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Subject: Open letter to Teabaggers, Birthers, Deathers, Becksters, Dittoheads, and Spinmeisters:

 Dear Teabaggers, Birthers, Deathers, Becksters, Dittoheads, and Spinmeisters:
I'm not really sure how long I can last now. 
For the last twenty years, I have placed myself at the service of 4 different armed services and one civil service. 
I have ruined my back, my knees, my feet, and even my mind for you. During the same twenty years, I have tried 
to forget the things I have seen and done, with no success. Do I have battle injuries? No. I have life injuries.
I am in constant pain, depression, anxiety, and nausea for a number of reasons. Up until now, I was lucky, 
because my wife had good health insurance. She, too, served, in a high stress law enforcement position, 
and then broke down, losing her job. No more insurance.
Many of you might say that I should go to the VA for help. I have. They are underfunded, and so cannot even handle 
seeing a patient for more than a few minutes. The formulary is composed of cheaper generic drugs that do not meet my needs. 
Is this the fault of socialism? No. It is because bombers and submarines and aircraft carriers named after loser presidents 
are much more sexy. We spend more on these sexy toys than the rest of the world combined.
Some of you might say that it is good if I were to go (to die) soon. You know, survival of the fittest. The guy with the most wins. 
At the risk of Godwin's law, you should look at the reason German people went. The people who just couldn't cut it any more. 
The crazy, the sick, the lame. Will you let that happen in your country? Will a word like "socialism" matter when your son or 
daughter comes back to you, traumatized? Will you remember it when Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP help your brothers and sisters?
So, to the teabaggers, and the rest who cry that our country is dying, I say this. You are as responsible for its death 
as any other, and more than most. You denied proper care to service people. You let the lowest of us go unnoticed. 
You are the reason for the death of mercy in our country. You have broken the contract we had, unspoken, but strong and good. 
You have brought out the very worst in the people who listen to your fantasies and lies.
I hope you got a nice car out of it or something.

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