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Subject: Levi vs PaLyin - ROUND 2


PaLyin's claims about Trig being her kid (presumably fathered by Todd) are the Smoking Gun of her whole bogus schtick. 

If she's caught LYIN bout this her Public " career " is OVER!

Imagine if the Dems had started up a movement last Summer (you know like the crazy Birthers) 
except this would be a REAL Birther deal!

Democrats don't do that kind of stuff.
They sit back and wait for victory to knock.

So we have 4 options:

1) Bristol is the Mom of Trig - Levi is the Dad - odds of this being the truth - 50%

2) Bristol is the Mom of Trig - some other Wasilla BillHilly is the Dad - odds of this being the truth - 25%

3) PayLyin IS the Mom of Trig BUT Levi (or some other Wasilla BillHilly) is the Dad, NOT Todd! = odds of this being the truth - 25%

4) She's telling the truth - Trig is her kid, fathered by Todd - odds this being the truth - 0.1%

Where are the non-stop, round the clock demands to prooduce the DNA tests to PROVE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL?

Where are the breathless crazies on Fox demanding to know how someone could fly in labor, endangering her Downs child(see below)? 

Where are the endless demands for JUST ONE PHOTO that show her preggers in her 
3rd Trimester as opposed to all the photos that show she's NOT pregnant?

Where are the endless demands to know who's taking care of Trig while she's on Tour?

Where are the endless demands to know who's paying for her medical insurance? 
Does the State of Alaska pay for medical insurance as a quitter Guv?

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