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Subject: Lindsay Lohan

Bart, I read your reply to my original e-mail.  

I would venture to say that the reason that she is one of the most photographed personalities 
is due to her penchant for stupid, and reckless, behavior (although she is not alone here).  
The stalkarazzi are hoping to be there to catch on film her next hilarious hijinx in order 
to cash in, not because she is so gorgeous.

I think on Star Trek, they called this "a causality loop."
Lots of young women display stupid and reckless behavior but nobody cares 
because they're not famous. Lindsay Lohan became famous because she's 
remarkably beautiful and, up recently, she was considered "talented."

But all the talent in the world won't help you if you don't show up to work.

As for what "fellas" like; it long ago ceased to amaze me as to what some men find attractive.  
If they go for the pinched face, liver lip, brainless, walking twig, more power to them.  

Take away Angelina Jolie and Posh Spice and I'll speak for all men when I say women 
usually have wierd taste in men, too.  Seems like the top hotties are often photographed
with men who look like me so I find that very confusing :).  

There are plenty of other intelligent, healthy, talented, attractive women out there
for me to "admire" ;)  Of course, that's just my $.02.

I think men are uniquely qualified to just the beauty of women
so maybe you women are uniquely qualified to judge men :)

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