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RealPlayer to hear the sound files.

Willowtalk.exe (NEW Address) to have your computer read LNW to you!

Pepto-Bismol  for your stomach after you see the vulgar Dr. Laura pictures!

Fun Links

Mike Jasper will make you laugh and think.

Put some sizzle in your morning.
Check out

Kevin Cunningham has the best photo-toon on the www.
Check out his great work at

Why do people call the Republicans "Closet Nazi's?"
Well worth checking out.

There's nothing like the Tom Tomorrow cartoons.
Great stuff!

If you have about 30 hours free, check out
Compared to him,  endorses Smirk.
For one-stop, anti-Smirk shopping, you'll find everything here.
Need a Sieg Heil to Rush bumper sticker?
It's just a click away.
Earth Viewer
It's what Superman sees when he's coming back from Rigel 7.
C'mon, you spent the money for a computer.
Sites like this make it all worthwhile.
For my money, it's the funniest site on the World Wide Web
Religious Humor in the Extreme
The Excellence in Babbling page
Is this the best site on the Internet or what?
This is what my Audio Files would sound like if I had talent.
Major source of true comedy.
Pigboy in his own words.
Hat's off to the Excellence in Babbling boys.

Conservatively Incorrect by my buddy RackJite
It's a little like but much more intelligent
Killer prank calls, including Pigboy and the Dunkin Donuts call, ha ha

Plus, he has great Pigboy audio as a 70's DJ whoring for more listeners.
Using the same "Excellence in Broadcasting" bullshit line,
"I won the Marconi Award" long before he turned nazi-puta,
this audio clip exposes Pigboy for the lying slut he is.
This is a must.

The Boot Newt Sing Along Page
Over 180 parody songs about the Evil Empire.

The RUSH Awards for Conservative Hypocrisy
A little Pigboy, a little Doc Meng, and this Ron Paul guy needs close-watching.
It seems like everybody's page is smarter than mine.

At Wit's End
My old buddy Bob Witkowski's page

Web News

Want to know what President Elect Gore is up to?

Want to know what Smirk is up to?

I highly recommend them.
Updated more often than

For the best in instant news, send e-mail to  and say "subscribe."

It's whore-free news.
He might put his own headline on it, but the news is all facts.
Tell him BartCop sent you and the first year is free!
This site totally rules.
"More fact checkers than PigBoy and Drudge combined."

Links to the Top 100 most important sites.
You can't do without this site.
I like the transcripts from the TV news shows,
and links to all the most influential columnists.


Part funny, bigger part scary
One-stop shopping for every "scandal" to touch Bill Clinton.

Guess who wrote the checks?

Be sure to check the new Political Amazon

Intelligent people will enjoy it.
It's run by Celeste Harrison Whitlow.
American Politics Journal
Dave "Doctor" Gonzo is my kind of writer,
and Tamara Baker hits hard for a girl.

Right to the Pig's ear

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