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Subject: Barack and Michelle

Yeah, they're in a dither over at DU right now.
I'm reading the "debate" threads and they're all whining about ABC sandbagging Obama.
(He's apparently not doing well - but that's not a surprise.  He's terrible at these debates.
 He always seems more interested in the sound of his own voice.)

I like him enough, and I'll vote for him over McCain, but I'm not in awe of the guy.

I also think his wife is little hard to take - I am shocked by her lack of polish.
Princeton and Harvard?  Really?

I worked at Princeton, and something doesn't ring true there.
She has no wit, whatsoever.  She was on Colbert last night (in Philly!),
and I thought she came off so weak.  Not like any Princetonian I ever knew.

Keep hammerin'

Mostly, I'm cool with Michelle because she shares Hillary's problem.
We all pretend that it's 2008, but no, when it comes to women, it's still f-ing 1956 as far as 
most people are concerned and why doesn't that (in this case Black) woman know her place?

How dare she have opinions of her own - who does she think she is?  A US citizen?
Michelle Obama is on-track to become the second-most investigated woman in history.

I thought her Colbert appearance was revealing - she never held back.
She's That Girl/Helen Ready/MTM/Halle Berry/Allie McBeal/Hattie McDaniel/Hillary Clinton.

That's magic in Demo primaries, ...but how will the bitter people see it?

(That's a joke - don't write)

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