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Subject: listing the facts doesn't work

Regarding your beef about Walker being reelected in Wisconsin, you're wrong. 
Your mantra "all we have to do is list the facts"  does not work.
What you are assuming is that the public, or a segment of the public, is literate
and are rational thinkers.  Guess what?  They aren't.
You can't list the facts and rely on that to win a victory, even though basing a decision
on facts is the approach that most reasonable people take.  Remember the woman made
famous 2 years ago (during the time that Teabaggers were storming Dem Town Hall meetings)
who said" Keep the government's hands off of my Medicare?"  That's what I'm talking about. 

You can put the facts in front of them all day long to no avail.  However, they are easily motivated
by fear, guns, gays, and God, and the GOP plays that as hard as they can (people motivated this way
will even vote against their own economic best-interest).   It doesn't help that the media is a broken
messenger and that studies have shown that people who watch Fox News actually know less about
what's going on than people who watch no news at all.
Here is another example of this from a Reuter's New article about the Walker recall:
“He [Walker] has absolutely taken the state in the right direction,” said Greg Webb, who admits
he’s lost a few relationships because of his ardent support of the governor.

“I’ve got an uncle I’ll never speak to again,” Webb said.

With the retired teacher still present, Webb started lambasting teachers.

“What he did had to be done,” Webb said. “This country is being destroyed by the government
spending our money. My neighbor’s a teacher. She whines all the time because she has to pay more
into her health insurance or more into her pension.”

At this point, Hobard excused herself from the conversation.

As it happens, the 55-year-old Webb, who said he was injured years ago while working at a wood
products plant, lives on a Social Security disability  check he collects from the government.
He also receives health care insurance through the government because of his injury.

Is there any contradiction between his attitudes toward big government and the government
support he receives?

“I haven’t gotten a cost-of-living raise in three years,” said Webb, who changed the subject to how
“crucial” a Walker victory was.

“It’ll send a message to the rest of the country,” said Webb.
Also, look at the bestselling book "What's the Matter with Kansas" from 2004. 
This is when people first got the notion that some folks are fact-averse.
Keep 'rockin...


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