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Subject: Elizabeth Edwards vs Hillary

I agree that the GOP will demonize whoever the Dems put up--pretty standard practice.  
I can remember as far back as the '88 election, and not once have they acted as though the Dem 
candidate was "maybe an okay guy who just isn't what we want in office."  They always freak out 
as though they were talking about back-masking an Alice Cooper album or something.

HOWEVER, with HC, GOP strategists have a pre-existing pool of Clinton-hating sentiment to work with.  
It's like getting a running start.  Does any GOP voter really know why they hate HC so much?  
Of course not, but it doesn't matter.  They hate Clinton the way Mark Foley hates "To Catch a Predator," 
and whoever takes Karl Rove's place is gonna run with it.

Of course, there's a leeetle bit of that with Edwards--remember in '04, when every time a Republican
mentioned Edwards name, he or she had do mention that he was a lawyer--saying the word like it tasted like
raw turnips?  Voters ate this shit up, even though (a) every third butthole working for the GOP today
has a law degree, and (b) if it weren't for the lawyerly-fucking-lawyers at Bakker-Botts, there would've 
been no Bush inaugural in January of 2001.  Lawyers are like the effing clergy to the GOP infrastructure, 
but apparently the foot soldiers have never had it explained to them.

At any rate, just wanted to weigh in.  
You're doing great with the site...
 Ryan, formerly of Tampa, newly of Lawrence, KS

If Edwards wins, the GOP commercials will show him combing his hair for the full 60 seconds
then  a man will ask, "Can we trust America's safety to a trial lawyer who spends
 more time on his hair than the Breck Girl?"

If Obama wins, the GOP commercials will show him darkened, in half-light, 
looking like Willie Horton for the full 60 seconds then a man will ask, 
"Can we trust America's safety to an unqualified black man named Hussein?"

Now, tell me - in one sentence - what they'll say about Hillary.

 I'll tell you what they'll say in one sentence, Bart!

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