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Subject: bart IS a lying racist !!!

bart, you wrote:

> Dude, I just had an idea:
> We could settle this with an old-fashioned fist fight.

> Just Hillary and Barack in a steel cage - and no rules.
> No rounds, either - they just fight till one is knocked out or surrenders.

> And to make it fair, maybe Hillary should be forced to stay up all night the night before,
> then made to eat a Quaylude an hour before the fight ...and have a brick tied to each shoe. 

 What the hell does that mean, Dude?

 Sane people probably took it as humor - how'd you take it?

 I have begged you 100 times, "Please tell me what Hillary has fought for, besides using her 
 huge name recognition, and national donor contributor list, to run for Senate in a blue state, 
 where Schumer had already defeated Incumbent D'Amato without any help from her?"

 I'd be surprised if you could diagram that group of words on a blackboard. 

  I'm not saying she can't get some things done for Constituents here, there, and elsewhere.. 
 but what has she stood up and fought for on national stage, either when she was in the minority
 or since being in the majority?

You mean compared to Obama?


 Put down that lighter and gas can - there must be somebody who loves you.

 "Since blowing the Health Care reform thing of 1993 - which failure gave ignoramus 
 Newt Gingrich the ammo he needed to end two decades of Dem. majorities in House 
 and Senate - what the hell has she fought for?

> "Hillary and Barak in a steel cage, no rules"

  Bart, I think that Okie Inhofe/Coburn/WingNut stupidity is finally catching you in the head.

 "He" has only put together an amazing, massive, grass-roots campaign, by saying the things
 that she has had eight years to say... but it too cowardly and calculating to do so.

 Did you really say she's cowardly and calculating?
 Why would she calculate to be cowardly?

 I wish your candidate the best of luck.

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