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Subject: asshole bart playing the race card....

 I guess I have too much to do, cause I mosied over to read bartcop tonight, knowing I'd get 
that disgusting feeling in my stomach, like having to listen to Rush Pimpball at work, not being 
able to knock the (someone else's) radio straight to hell.

I'm surprised you think that, because when I read you,
I smell fresh roses and I hear angels singing in harmony.

   sure enough,  Okie   << WE OKIES VOTE FOR radical-right-wing Rethugs... even after Timmy McVeigh, 
listening to radical-right treason propaganda,  blow up the Oklahoma City govt. building, KILLING our 
FELLOW Oklahomans >>  bart wrote  "His RACIALLY WEIGHTED BLOW-OUT."\

I wrote, "His Racially Weighted Blow-Out?"
Is that a book or a movie?

But I will admit - Tim McVeigh was trained at the Bartcop Terrorist Training Camp.

 I've got news for you, bart - SHE may not bear the blame for  the 2000 Senate Dems NOT SIGNING 
the Black Congressional Caucus demand for a SIMPLE congressional investigation into (massive) voter 
disenfranchisement in Florida in by jeb, katherine, et al...    but she sure 'n hell AIN'T DONE A GOD 
DAMNED THING to correct that miserable, historical cowardice since then.

There are 535 members of congress, but you hold Hillary personally responsible?
Dude, can I ask a question?
Do you have, like, ...friends & stuff?

You come off like some Unabomber wacko, locked in a cabin in the woods, fuming at the world.
Your rage is a shotgun of confusion, shooting in every direction without regard to aim.
Do you ever read your e-mail before you hit "Send?"

   (I personally believe that the otherwise courageous Senator Paul Wellstone's 
ill-advised decision NOT to sign on to the BCC,  cost him his life.)

...and I suppose that's my fault, too?

Is there anything wrong with America I'm not responsible for?

        Also, ol' Bart is forgetting - a  HUGE part of the Clinton-Gore 1992 successful campaign run, 
was....  RON BROWN (to spell it out for you,  African American), who as chairman of the DNC 
had UNITED the poor, inner-city and working-stiff wings of the Democrat party with the elitist, 
billionaire/Hollywood celeb wing of the party LONG before bill & hill came along. 

Thank you for not blaming me for Ron Brown's "murder."

    bart's commentary is now as fully ignorant and pig-headed as something that comes out 
of rush pimpball or kkk-karl rove,  but, of course, like Lieberthug's treachery,  is harder to stomach. 

You started out screaming what an asshole racist I was.
Did you forget to include that horseshit in your e-mail?

PS. When's the last time you had your blood pressure checked?

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