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Subject: Bart, STOP sounding like Fux 'news'

BART - in MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE,  Hillary Clinton's 1993 Health Care fiasco 
WAS A FIASCO... she sought to DUMP _ALL_ the  responsibility of health care reform 

You mean like payroll taxes, Social Security and federal taxes and state taxes?
Don't think I know anything about her health care plan, but who does?
You can bluff anything in health care talk because nobody in America read her plan.

In what is now MODUS OPERANDI for the Clintons,  she REFUSED TO CONFRONT 
THE INSURANCE COMPANIES, so she tries to BULLY the little guys instead.

ha ha
The evil just drips off of her, right?
So - what do you say about the truly evil people?
They're Hillary x 100?

now she is WHINNING about  "MEDIA BIAS".

Did you get a job with Arianna Huffington?

  NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!  The Media ARE BIASED WHORES - always looking for 
some BLOOD to LEAD with - so GIVE IT TO THEM!  Go Down to NEW ORLEANS 
and say,  "GEORGE BUSH and DICK CHENEY are RIPPING OFF American taxpayers 
with their MASSIVE CONTRACT rebuilding FRAUD!"

I think you're getting excited.

  This sHillary REFUSES TO DO.      She WILL NOT APOLOGIZE for her WAR vote. 
purge-gate/Siegelman (white-collar) lynching.

What you're saying is 535 members of congress haven't confronted him,
buty since you're on a "Let's hang Hillary" crusade, you put all the blame on her.
I know you gotta have heart to be into politics, but you also have to have a brain.

Or, you could say wacky stuff just to get published, I don't know... :)

accuses of "abuse"  (WHILE, mind you, bush & cheney DEMAND the "right" to TORTURE 
prisoners to death, at their sole discretion)

There you go again - everyone gets a pass but your personal demons.
For 13 years I've been asking the question, "Compared to who?"

You want to rant and spit at Hillary so, so much, you don't get that giving everyone 
else a pass just makes you look ...kinda crazy - and I mean that as a friend.

      She voted FOR the CREDIT LOAN-SHARK 'reform' bill....

This is going to go on forever, right?
I think I might just let the rest play out.

     She COULD NOT, despite her seat on the ARMED SERVIDES COMMITTEE,  take the trip 
half-mile south of the Capital building to WALTER REED  Army hospital, to talk with WOUNDED GI's
 _WAREHOUSED_, neglected, and forced to JUMP THROUGH HOOPS to get any kind of 
long-term medical treatment...

     (sort of like WAITING IN LINE AT THE POST OFFICE,  times 1,000,000)

     And don't even THINK of expecting her sHillary-ness to LEAD A FILIBUSTER, like when 
the Repugs  SHOT DOWN THE MURRAY AMENDMENT for $2.7 billion for  Iraq war veteran's care...

    You know, Bart, I know JUST the kind of women who are Hillary supporters.  I got in an argument 
with a lady I had done work for in 2004...  we were both Dems, we talked primary candidates, and she 
said she liked Kerry.  "FUHGET ABOUT KERRY!"  I told her, "IF HE AIN'T GOT THE GUTS, 
kahones, TO CALL BUSH A LIAR NOW, then he never will.   And if he never has the kahones to 
call bush a LIAR, the Repugs and press will eat him alive, like they did Al Gore.. because ANYONE 
who is AFRAID to call bush a LIAR, is either an IGNORAMUS, a LIAR themselves, or a COWARD."

      The women who are voting for sHillary want a "SAFE" vote. SORRY - the GOOD LORD HISSELF 
does NOT always provide us with safe, sane, "moderate" choices.    Like a hungry lioness, sometimes you 
just HAVE to jump on that big, mature wildebeest if you want to feed yourself and your cubs,  because the 
good lord ain't going to give you a 50 lb. bambi to jump on."

       Ol Adolf hisself had HUNDREDS of FEMALE SUPPORTERS - GOOD women, hard-working, 
moral, upright women who just idolized their furher, as excellently portrayed by the actress who played 
Goebbels' wife in the film "The Bunker."

   Oh yeah - and the three most powerful women in American politics today
- Pelosi, Hillary, and Feinstein - ARE ALL WAR SUPPORTERS...
  BAH, HUMBUG, BART!    Just find me ONE FACT in the below op-ed that is NOT TRUE. 



I read some of that and it's the same old I-hate-Hillary-because crap.
Instead of me straightening that guy out, like always, just look at his words he wrote.
I'll bet Arianna gave him a bonus for assembling all that hate in one place.

Who would ever mistake this guy for some honest judge of anything?

He f-ing hates Hillary.
We get that.

What's this poor, poor bastard going to do on Wednesday, if he wakes up 
and finds out the rotten, racist C-word is not going to be president this year?

Sure, he'll have a seven hour orgasm, but then what?
What will he do with the rest of his life?
At such a tender age, he's peaked and he may never feel this happy again.

His life is meaningless now - he might as well jump out a window.


The Clinton Crystal Ball: What About Day Two?
  by Michael Seitzman   Posted March 3, 2008

She's run a sprawling national organization.
She's delegated responsibility and authority to experts to work on her behalf.
She's incorporated her husband into the organization and allowed him to use
his legendary political skills to do her bidding.
She has run up against a massive unforeseen challenge to her organization.

So, yes, Hillary Clinton definitely has experience. That experience -- her only national executive 
experience -- has been in the running of her campaign for president. And what has been the result? 
A complete and utter breakdown of the organization she leads, a distracting, out-of-control husband 
who has ignored any and all authority, extensive and ugly infighting among her staff, angry and 
sarcastic outbursts by the executive herself, and a bitterly divided party in the midst of the most 
important election in a generation.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is nothing less than a crystal ball into the future of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

You want to know what Bill Clinton's role will be in a Hillary Clinton administration? The crystal ball 
was South Carolina. According to the LA Times today, he unilaterally ignored Hillary's appointed officers. 
He was told by the campaign to leave South Carolina to them and go to other southern states. But he said no,
he had to be in South Carolina. Frustrated staffers called it a "one man mission." And that one man mission, 
full of race-baiting and angry rhetoric, served to alienate democrats and fueled the beginning of the exodus 
of the so-called Super Delegates, beginning with Ted Kennedy.

You want to know how the White House will be run under President Hillary Clinton? The crystal ball 
has materialized just in the past few weeks as the rumored infighting among her campaign staff has 
become public and much more ugly. Campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle is fired. But Harold Ickes 
says it's all Mark Penn's fault. Mark Penn says he has "no direct authority in the campaign" and that it's 
all Solis Doyle, Ickes and Mike Henry's doing. Howard Wolfson counters that it's Penn who has top 
responsibility. And remember Billy Shaheen? He was the first major firing after he launched a low blow 
against Obama several months ago.

You want to know how a Hillary Clinton White House would face the "unforeseen crisis" she alludes to 
at every campaign stop? The crystal ball is none other than Barack Obama. Clinton's "inevitability" campaign, 
as it's been called, tells us how unexpected Obama was to the Clinton organization. They didn't plan on having
a serious contest so they didn't build an election organization in many of the later primary states because they
didn't think the fight would go this long or be this hard. They were arrogant with the press because they didn't 
feel they needed them. They relied on imaginary political capital that came with their own perception of 
inevitability. They didn't recognize early enough that the "change" message would resonate so strongly. 
They didn't understand or appreciate how important "hope and change" are to a country exhausted by the 
headlines of George Bush, 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, Housing Crisis, Stock Market Crash, Interest Rates, 
Corporate Corruption, and Health Care.

But how does this would-be leader respond to the overwhelming passion exhibited by those who seek 
hope and change? It began when she called it "false hope," and continued as she ridiculed her opponent 
and his supporters in the months that followed. The "Celestial Choirs" rant was not aimed at her opponent 
but at all those who support him. And those people showing up by the tens of thousands to Obama rallies 
are not only Democrats she would need in a general election but, more importantly, are citizens she would 
lead if she won.

So what does the crystal ball tell us? Does it tell us she'd be ready on Day One? Maybe. 
But it tells us something else, too. It tells us that she's not remotely equipped for Day Two.

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