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Subject: Bart approves of HER  tactics, friends, and agenda 

Ya got ta love it, Bart.... you and her... and  Karl Rove, and  Rush Limbaugh,  
and George Bush, and Dick Cheney are all on the same page!

You forgot Hitler and Pol Pot.
I assume the "c-word" goes there, because you'd probably print "bitch."
Did you join Dick Stone's C.U.N.T. club to meet other Hillary haters?

 "WHO CARES  if he waged a dark horse, come from nowhere, take on the entire Democratic field,  
take on the MEGA-MONEY front-runner,  take on "THE BRAND" which has been the #2. name 
DOMINATING American politics for 16  - SIXTEEN -   years,  took on ALL the Washington DC 
'EXPERTS,' took on the major media, confronted racism head-on in Southern states, and did all of 
that with the vast majority of funds coming from "little people" donors.

And all it took was some bogus race charges and a ready-to-help whore media.

"SHE  is OWED the nomination" says Bart.
"HE should WAIT HIS TURN" says Bart.
"HIS winning the POPULAR MAJORITY DOESN'T COUNT!  says Bart.
"SHE  GOT AMBUSHED by his popularity!"  says Bart and all her supporters.
"BOO HOO!  His supporters are NOT PLAYING FAIR when they criticize her" says Bart.

Dude, you're hysterical and not making any sense.
I didn't say any of those things - if I did, you would've quoted me.
Does it make you feel better to pretend?
But SHE can have her surrogates run out and say 'Nigger, Nigger, Nigger!'  all day long.

You need a drug habit or something to keep you occupied.
Your mind travels to odd places when its allowed to wander.

Pointing out HER VOTES on THE IRAQ WAR,  Kyle-Lieberman,  Flag-burning, 
credit usury (extortion),  and stating the obvious - that they all reflect a NEO-CON 
WORLD VIEW -  "IS UNFAIR!"  says Bart. 

Would you like a glass of water to pour on your flaming hair?
"GO TO THE BACK OF THE BUS, YOU DAMN NIGGER!" we can hear her screech.
Have you told your psychiatrist that you're hearing these voices?

OH - we're not allowed to guess what she is thinking?    
The whole idea of Military Intel is to guess what your enemy is thinking.  
The whole of idea of a good political consultant is to tell you what your 
opponent is thinking, and what your voters are thinking.

BUT BART SAYS IT IS VERBOTTEN!  to speculate what She is thinking...  

You can speculate all you want, but you QUOTE her screaming "Nigger" when she never did.
You invent "facts" because the truth doesn't paint the picture of her that's in your head.

...even when she wears her ass on her sleeve!

Even when, sitting on the stage within inches of him,  you could practically hear her sneer,  
"THIS THING  is robbing me of MY nomination!"  (I couldn't stand to watch her body 
language and imperious looking-down-her-nose-at-IT  for two more seconds.)

You haven't mentioned how she likes to torture kittens - why?
Yep,  THEY,  MASTERED the art of "TRIANGULATION" - which in a nutshell means 
SHIFTING TO THE RIGHT, rather than FIGHTING for, and publicly standing up for 
and speaking for, 100 years of progressive ideals & progress.    

Sometimes the Left loses 49 states.
Maybe you like losing 49 states - I don't and the Clintons don't.
But ol' Bart says that it is THE  DEMOCRATS who stab THEM in the back.
I only speak the facts - if the scared-bunny Democrats had backed their president in 1993,
we'd be in year 15 of universal health care, but instead they allied themselves with Republicans
and agreed with them that health care was too big a problem to try to fix, and in doing so,
lost the House and senate in the process - abd you defend these losers?  Are you in love with losing?

Now I will concede that "librul: technocrats like Al Gore, Paul Tsongas, Dukakis, etc. couldn't fight 
their way out of a wet paper bag outside of a liberal-leaning district or state -  but in retrospect,  
HIS  best move of is administration, was the 1993 Deficit Reduction budget,  which was based on 
ROSS PEROT's lecturing America about our Bush Recession red-ink.   And HIS coat-tails are terrible. 

Did you just say a balanced budget was a bad thing?
If you prattled on for another hour, would you get anything right?
And SHE is worse than HIM... in EVERY category.  She doesn't have the empathy  (where has 
she FOUGHT the Bush administration on behalf of children?), she doesn't have the insight,  
while he (HER husband) was governor of the state that company was based out of.  
Is that you talking?
Or have you been reading Huffypost again?

BTW, Michelle Obama made tons of money from a Wal-Mart contract.
You should be screaming at her, too, right?   Or does she get a pass? 

HOW COZY, BART!   Wish you an' me could get a paid gig like that... sit on the board of directors, 
the cost of HEALTH CARE for YOUR employees, on behalf of the BILLIONAIRE HEIRS of the 
company that is paying you and your husband.    GROOVY!    
Don't just say I'm a _"HATER"_, Bart.. point me out where I got it wrong.

I don't know Bush about Wal-Mart's history and I doubt you do, either.
For all we know, she pulled Wal-Mart to the left.
For all we know, she could've been the sane one on the Board.
BART MUST APPROVE of  HER agenda, HER tactics, HER  friends, 
HER agenda... and   HER sense of entitlement.
see ya next time,  Bart!  

Dude, seriously, this is how you spend your day?
Do you have Hillary pictures all over your house, so you can scream, 
"Bitch" and the "c-word" at her 500 times a day?

And you say I shouldn't call you a Hillary-hater?

Seriously, you should look into picking up a drug problem.
It might do you a lot of good.

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