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Subject: Rahm Emanuel is Kissyface on steroids

Oh Bart ol' buddy: 
 First of all, my best wishes to  Tequila Treehouse reader Ross, whose swine flu made him cough so hard he broke a rib... 
then came down with bronchitus.  Yikes!   We Americans have little appreciation that "in the old days"  respiratory infections 
were a top, top killer.. I think they called 'em "Consumption" (Val Kilmer did a great job portraying Doc Holiday with 
consumption in the (Wyatt Earp) movie "Tombstone." 
First the bad news:   Kissyface (Lieberthug) GOT HIS ORDERS.... to TALK "FILIBUSTER".... from WITHIN  the Obama White House.  
 You read that right, Bart.... Rahm Emanuel is Joe Lieberman on steroids,  he is Obama's Rasputin,  he is as powerful as Dick Cheney, 
with a similar agenda...    and there is NO WAY IN HELL that  Lieberman would have spouted his "FILIBUSTER!"  talk, without  Emanuel/obama co. approval.
Some evidence would be nice.

 Just look at the article about the House Democrats STRIPPING the Kucinich amendment OUT of their $900 billion health care 'reform' amendment _this_ week -  

GET SERIOUS, Bart:  You think Pelosi and "House leaders"  STRIPPED that bill OUT of their package.. because JOE LIEBERMAN said "boo"?? 
 HA!  You think House "leaders" LIKE TAKING ORDERS from the Senate?  
You think House "leaders" LIKE taking orders from a punk senator who is  IN BED with the MINORITY party??!! 
 HELL NO!  THE ORDERS came DOWN from Emanuel/obama co:  
KILL the Harry Reid "States Opt Out option" Senate bill, and  and KILL the Kucinich amendment House bill.  
    Emanuel  (and the other GS lobbyists & "financial experts" who OWN obama) have convinced Obama that if he  rams this PIG 
of an industry written Baucus bill - MANDATES,  NO caps on premiums (except after-the-fact lawsuits by the States' attorneys... 
which can be blocked for YEARS,  IF you can find an prosecutor who wants to go through that nightmare), NO real option for the 
vast majority of families who consider themselves "lucky" to even have (be locked in to) their employer's plan -   and he gets the  
$20 odd MILLION in (legal) BRIBES  "campaign donations" in return,  that the Obama 'Democrats' will be looking good in 2010 and 2012. 
    When actually  Americans will be even MORE traumatized by skyrocketing insurance premiums then  than they are now,  
and will be DISGUSTED that, with commanding majorities in House & Senate, Obama co. shafted them (American families) with this Baucus bill atrocity.
  There you have it, Bart:  Emanuel is  Lieberthug on STEROIDS,   he thinks he is smarter, because at least he has the sense to stay 
in the background, instead of being the GLORY HOG  that Lieberthug is.  But in this case, Lieberthug HAD TO BE A "FILIBUSTER!" 
spouting glory hog -  the  Emanuel/obama-bots HAD TO KILL the Public Option, without leaving their bloody fingerprints on the murder.
  That's why OBAMA is KISSING  Kissy-face - NOT EVEN THREATENING to take away Lieberthug's  Committee chair,  
NOT EVEN THREATENING Lieberthug with OTHER arm-twisting -
 BOTH Lieberthug, AND Emanuel, are  BIG FINANCE toadies,  BIG MILITARY CONTRACTS toadies,  
PRO-ISRAEL toadies,  and   F***  American peons thugs!
 And don't try to say that Hillary would have been any better! At least Team Obama has some ruthless DISCIPLINE -   
Hillary was trying to claim that she was opposed to CAFTA, while her  Campaign Honcho, Mark Penn, 
was getting high six-figure payments from Colombia to LOBBY FOR IT!
And about the even more complex US  _foreign_ policy -  Hillary is _BLATANTLY_   Netanyahu's whore!
Hillary ain't got A TENTH of the savvy of her husband, she is nothing but ham-fisted forcefulness.... hell, she make  LIEBERMAN look suave!
 Netanyahu's  you-know-what:    When Netanyahu says "dance,"  Hillary puts on her tap-dancing shoes

  While Kissyface  IS "one of the tribe,"  Hillary can only pretend... 

Hillary and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu react during a press conference in Jerusalem. Saturday, Oct. 31. 2009. 
Hillary says Israel is making "unprecedented" concessions on West Bank settlement construction. [BULLSHIT!   Obama had 
previously demanded Israel halt all settlement building before negotiations could resume.But speaking at a joint press conference 
with Netanyahu on Saturday, Clinton said "there has never been a precondition. It has always been an issue with negotiations."
Netanyahu KNOWS he OWNS the obama White House,  and Hillary is the CLUMSIEST ONE OF ALL when it comes to kissing his ass]   
on West Bank settlement construction.The U.S. administration had previously demanded Israel halt all settlement building before negotiations 
could resume.But speaking at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, Clinton said 
"there has never been a precondition. It has always been an issue with negotiations."

I remember that you never liked Hillary.

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