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Subject: Bob Parry's Hillary problem?

Bart, you're still an excellent source of info  on those ol'  "inter-tubes"... but, you STILL let your biases cloud your objectivity. 

   Parry had EVERY RIGHT to be worried, outraged, whatever, about Bill Clinton's  SWEEPING  ON-GOING  CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS  into Reagan/Bush-1  administration abuses of power (you know, like illegal, secret wars,  dealing with the enemy, using US hostages in Iran as a election-winning chip,  etc. etc. etc.)   and I am proud that I am the reader who asked Parry  to post the contents of the first chapter of his book  "Secrecy ? Privilege"  on-line  a year ago, anyone in the world could see, at the touch of their fingerprints,  just how DESTRUCTIVE TO CLINTON's OWN administration - much less tens of millions of Democratic voters ? American citizens -  was his ill-informed WHITEWASHING ?  CLOSING of  those vital investigations into Bush-Sr.  lies ? criminal conduct.

  Clinton's failure to proceed with those investigations ALLOWED  Republicans to portray the BUSH-1 RECESSION as the DEMOCRATS' fault,  in general, and Clinton WH fault, in particular!! 

    That is TENS of THOUSANDS upon MILLIONS of dollars in pro-Rethuglican PR in our national media    -  a  public perception  that has ONLY been UNDONE __THIS_   election, and then only because Republican CORRUPTION has finally extended to LOOTING not only  American wallets (gas prices, insurance, health care, food prices, etc.)  and,  even worse for Repubs,  the  LOOTING of PENSIONS of the comfortably middle-class, people  who in the boom Clinton era  had PRETENSIONS of BEING UPPER-CLASS - and thus who started voting  Rethuglican! 
     (Forgetting where they came from with their GI Bill, FDIC insured bank accounts, Social Security financial bedrock, public universities, etc..)

  SO NOW that Parry  holds  a SIMILAR, WELL-FOUNDED FEAR  of the incoming OBAMA campaign WHITEWASHING   this administration's  mega-foul-ups, Bart goes off on his stupid  "Robert Parry hates HILLARY'  tear ????

  WTF, BART?!   HILLARY  is BARELY MENTIONED in Parry's  book
     and a close examination of her career  (NOT her INSULATED,  well-funded 2000 and 2006 campaign wins in solidly Blue-state New York)   reveals her to be very nearly  as liable to  "INSERT FOOT INTO OWN MOUTH"  as you so rightly point out about John Kerry.

    Hillary's flips ? flops and "insert foot in mouth" record would have to include her stupid, REPEATED (repeatedly caught on video) moronic comments  that she ? her daughter WERE EXPOSED TO SNIPER FIRE in Bosnia (NOT!);    her STUPID "I'm not like Loretta Lynn, I'm NOT just going to just 'stand by my man',"     and of course here working in uber-corporate ROSE LAW FIRM,  or her being a member of WAL-MART BOARD OF DIRECTORS  (put there ONLY because _her husband_ was governor of Wal-Mart's home state)   AT A TIME when Wal-Mart went on a TWENTY YEAR "BUST UNIONS!" and  even worse, "KEEP WOMEN OUT OF MANAGEMENT!" tear! 

  Believe it or not, DESPITE the above record, I am NOT out to trash the Hillary nomination for SecState - she isn't any worse than Madeline Albright, she couldn't be any worse than Janet Reno as AG, and she SURE N' HELL couldn't be any worse than  NatSecurityAdvisor (now SecSt)  Condi Rice,  who, when told by the CIA "BIN LADEN HAS CELLS IN AMERICA PLANNING TO STRIKE SOON",   she did NOTHING when the her VP boss (dastardly dick)  told her "fughit about it." 

      So - Parry, as he well should be, is AGHAST at the Possibility that an Obama admin. will HELP RETHUGLICANS  WHITEWASH 8 years of CRIMINAL CONDUCT and gross, in-your-face CORRUPTION - and Bartcop chooses to play up the  "PARRY HATES HILLARY" angle????? 

     IF  Republican MALFEASANCE is kept OUT of the news,  they WILL, IMMEDIATELY BLAME the Obama admin. and Democrats FOR THE BUSH-2 RECESSION,  just as TIMMY McVEIGH and the Right-Wing militias, and Right-Wing HATE RADIO,  BLAMED     "TAX ? SPEND, Big Government Regulation  DEMOCRATS"  for the Bush-1 RECESSION,  which was brought about by (duh) the TWIN Rethuglican PILLARS of  #1.  DEFICIT ECONOMICS and   insider/crony/LOOTING of America  "DEREGULATION".

     And, btw,   as much as I admire and respect Parry,  he has never replied to my e-mails.  (Though he did take up my suggestion to post Ch.1 of Secrecy ? Privilege, and he did post another comment on his blog a year ago. 

   I  don't mind the snub from Parry.... but I DO find Bart's childish "Parry Hates Hillary!" bias to be disturbing, as if Hillary should be the center of the universe of something. 

Horse hockey!

Obama is faced with the same choice that Clinton had:
Should he move the country forward and get things done and make things better
should he look backwards and infuriate the very people he's trying to convince to join him?

Nobody wants the Bush bastards punished more than me, but if I had to choose 
between punishing them or having the economy come back - I'm going with the economy.

Robert Parry (apparently - I'm not the mind-reader he is) wants revenge
at the cost of rebuilding this country and Obama and I think that's a mistake.

The GOP are crazed animals - they're going to do what they're going to do
even if that means harming their own short and long term interests

In 1998, the voters were very clear that they didn't want Clinton impeached.
The crazed GOP animals didn't care.  They impeached anyway and lost seats in congress.

In 2006, they lost both houses of congress but STILL they stuck with crazy-bastard Bush.
They KNEW they were going to lose big-time but they were too crazed to stop themselves.

In 2008, they lost even more seats in the Houise and Senate and only now is it beginning
to dawn on them that they might be doing something wrong. I'm sure their answer will be
to run McCain's swuimsuit model in 2012 - they just don't seem to get it..

The GOP, like a serial rapist/murderer, is going to do what they're going to do.
Science and logic mean nothing to these rabid dogs.  They can't help themselves.
Maybe trying to punish a rabid animal in an attempt to alter his bahavior is pointless.

Obama can squander his presidency by looking backwards 
he can go down in history as the miracle worker who fixed the Bush problem.

I think Obama is smarter than you and Bob Parry.

The time to go after the criminals is DURING ther crime spree, not years afterwards.
But Nancy Pelosi told Bush his crimes would go unpunished.

If a policeman pulls up to a drug dealer on a corner in Baltimore and says,
"You will NOT be prosecuted for any drug crimes in the next four years,"
  you can expect a shitload of drug deals will go down on that corner.

Telling Bush "Impeachment is off the table" was incredibly stupid.
She gave Bush the green light to go crazy with crimes - and look at the mess we're in now.

How can someone that stupid still be Speaker of the House?


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