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From: ljbk

Subject: I saw HRC yesterday

Ol' Bart,  I saw HRC at a Florida Woman's forum yesterday, at the university
where I finally got a degree in political science.
Being a state-run school in a state dominated by Rethuglicans, we were not even ALLOWED to 
discuss STOLEN ELECTIONS, DEFICIT ECONOMICS, and the Right-Wing stranglehold on 
Florida "news", media, and politics  in class,  so I have had nothing to do with the school since graduating.    
But there was HRC last night,  looking good, with a pretty good, respectable looking crowd of mostly 
women about her age, quite a few younger Obama volunteers and students (it was after all held at a 
college/university),  and of course lots of curious college students and lots of firefighters and paramedics 
and other union volunteers.
Hillary's "PUMA"  supporters were there in force,  some waving signs proudly saying "PUMA" 
on them, I heard one woman say to a event volunteer (Obama volunteer) that "I'm not an Obama 
supporter, I'm a Hillary supporter." 
OK, I guess.    
Hillary showed that she is good in a crowd, but I thought her speech was formulaic and in a mono-tone.    
Perhaps I am quibbling, but it was obvious to me that on the ABORTION issue, the vast majority of 
women her age, like Hillary,  will never have to worry about getting an abortion, it was her best line, 
that she whipped up the best cheers for.   So power to her. 
She hit the themes of PUBLIC EDUCATION and Health Care,  but I don't recall her pointing out 
that BUSH DEFICITS make it harder to put those help-Americans policies into action. 
All in all it was a good performance,  but I am AMAZED at How PUMAs and Hillaryites would 
even THINK of voting for John McCain (or even "just" withholding their vote from Obama),  
knowing that ANOTHER 4 years of GOP economic and social sabotage would make the previous 
8 under bush-cheney (much less 30 years since Reagan, as THOM HARTMANN is doing a 
GREAT job of pointing out) -  look like a PICNIC,  a GOP affirming 2008 election would target 
educated, employed  ELDER  WOMEN  just behind minorities and poor, working-stiff Americans!

That was a very reasonable report - thanks for that,

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