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Subject: I met a Hillary supporter and her logic was ugly...

Bart, here's a damn rant for you!   IF you don't have much time, skip to bottom paragraph - 
I met one of those "LIBRUL"  Hillary supporters who said "I WON'T VOTE FOR HIM, because..."  (blah blah blah)

   Bart,  I still don't like going to your site, right in your top 3 or 4 items is something about how great  sHillary is.

Is that true?
Or is that another gratuitous assertion?

Why make a charge like that and then fail to back it up or show examples?
   May I remind Bart, it was her damn idea to...  bring DICK MORRIS into national 
prominence by suggesting Bill hire the rat to be his chief political guru?

What does that (if it's true) have to do with anything in 2008?
That's the first thing you think of when you get off on a Hillary slime rant?

   May I remind the Tequila treehouse master that the reason Bill  _needed_ to massage his standing 
with the Repuklican Tom DeLay/Newt Gingrich Congress, was because he and she had suck a knack 
for letting EVERYTHING turn into a god-damned scandal ...

Anything from THIS century that pisses you off about Hillary?
You started by saying you saw a Hillary supporter with ugly logic
and now you're giving me Andrew Sullivan's career highlights - why?
    Given the OPPORTUNITY to CRAFT SOMETHING to give more Americans more health care access, 
Hillary - the woman with...

Yak, yak, yak, Blah, blah, blah...
For whom was this written - you?
Do you enjoy typing personals slurs about Hillary?
Where is your right hand this very second?

    I personally went out of business on account of WORKERS' COMP,  workers' compensation insurance,
alone,  which in my trade was up to 50% of payroll back in mid-1990s.     I had just two bad accidents in 
10 years of building roofs (very dangerous work, at any moment you can fall and hurt yourself badly), one was 
the crane operator's fault (I got sued) and the other, a guy fell off the 3rd step off an short 8 foot ladder and 
busted his knee.  Those two lawsuits were eventually settled, but I knew that I could no longer play the game, 
comp insurance was just too much  for me to pay for given what the builders were paying me to do the jobs. 
Sounds like you caught a bad break - but what's your point?
You attack Hillary for trying to change health care, then you
blame her for the current state of health care - are ye daft?

   Hillary wanted to take...

Another long-ass-winded harangue against someone who wasn't responsible for your situation.
Why don't you point some of that rage to the sons of bitches who killed Hillary's plan
so they could continue to gouge the little guy out of his life savings?

  THAT was why the Democrats lost the House & Senate majorities in 1994 - because the Clintons' 
didn't know how to handle Washington,  let the whores and serpents of the media blow minor issues 
into fake scandals, and blah, blah, blah - yeah I know I was there - remember?

Gee, how 'bout a 4,000 word recap of the Ken Starr withhunt?

      So anyways,  Hillary is a DISASTER of a politician, and she and her husband are the 

  So I met a sHillary supporter at a book signing 

Oh, so NOW you're going to start the part of this litany that counts?

...last night in ritzy Palm Beach county,  she and several dozen others were there to talk 
to Congressman Wexler talk about his new book,  about being a proudly defiant, fighting Liberal.
Yeah, Wexler's name is synonymous with "tough, Democratic fighter."
Did they ever finish the Wexler Memorial on the Washington Mall?

Sidebar: Nothing against Wexler, but what battles has he won?

  Given a chance to ask the Congressman questions,  ALL THE HILLARY SUPPORTERS 
were saying "IF Barak doesn't come down to Palm Beach WITH HILLARY,   he won't win 
Florida,  boo hoo,  because THEY won't vote for him."

And that means what?
Candidates often lose the states where they fail to campaign.

Remember what happened in West Virginia?
    We are at, mind you, a book signing event about someone proudly declaring himself 
A FIGHTING LIBERAL - and "her" supporters JUST  WON'T VOTE for the Democratic 
presidential nominee, if she won't come around and personally encourage them to! 
...and your point is that those loud women speak for the 18 million people who voted for Hillary?

   The woman told me that she couldn't vote for Senator O  because (whatever).
 ha ha
Did she prattle on with endless old news?
Don't you hate when some crazy person does that?

    I told her to get out of my face,  and vote for the dictator party.   B___!
If it came down to fisticuffs, do you think you could've taken her?
She sounds like a spirited old broad :)

  Bart,  the first half of my year has been taken up BY PROBLEMS brought on by LYING WOMEN politicians.
  Number one was Senator Hillary and her STUPID  LIES  -   "I was ALWAYS AGAINST NAFTA!"

I'll bet you can't spell NAFTA, but you're ready to blame Hillary for it.
There are 535 people in congress - why pick on her, Andrew?
   and now that we've got her out of the picture,  in steps her Lieberman-in-a-skirt sister,  
NANCY PELOSI,  bringing that god-damned War Lobby TELECOM POLICE STATE 
bill to the floor,   just because she could.
  F***ING B____!!!!

ha ha
Dude, can I hit you with a white-hot thunderbolt?
You might be married right now if  F***ING B____!!!! wasn't part of your vocabulary.

the first half of this year, and both of them CONTINUE to take orders from the damn 
Lieberthug-AIPAC-  MORE WAR NOW!   lobby!! 

I forgot - you're crazy on Israel - and it's all Hillary's fault.
BTW, now that Obama is the head of our party, shouldn't you be screaming at Michelle?
She's out to get you, too - right?
  DISGRACEFUL, that women attending an overtly "LIBERAL"  book signing, could think 
that "SHE" is more important than the damn crisis times we find ourselves in today, which are   
in no small part due to the inherent egos and narcissism of the Clintons. 
PS.  getting older, fatter, less popular, and daily closer to death after 16 years 
of relentless greed, stupidity, and entitlement of corrupt  "Democratic" "leaders"...   

If Hillary disappeared tomorrow, you'd have to shift that river of hatred 
towards a different woman - then SHE'd be the worst person in the world.

I've got an idea - why not let it go?
Find some pot and roll yourself a fat one and relax.

When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked?

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