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Subject:  <<snippage for Bart>>

Hey Bart:

Still think you are one of the most prescient and creative writers on the entire web.

But I've got to wonder....

OK, you now include NANCY PELOSI in your pink tutu graphic, and she belongs there.
As we all know, the DC Democrats are doing NEXT TO NOTHING to win this 2006 election,
besides run their own campaigns (those who are running) and raise money for Dem. candidates.
But as to "A _national_ Democrat FIGHTING MESSAGE", well, of course, fuhget about it!

I agree with that.

My 2 questions are, HILLARY CLINTON is every bit as bad as Nancy Pelosi when it comes
to CHOKING OFF the FIGHTING Democrat message... but you keep lighting candles at her altar!

She's going to be president - Pelosi isn't.
She's a first term senator - Pelosi has had 20 years to speak up?
Pelosi is also the elected leader of the Dems - it's her f-ing jobn to spek up - loudly and often.
It's NOT Pelosi's job to apologize and disavow the words of Howard Dean.
Plus, It's not the same - they didn't impeach Pelosi's husband.
People who say (you haven't yet) that She's is "just another congressman" are lying to themselves.

I agree with you, Bart, that Robt. Parry's CONSORTIUM is perhaps the most
important site on the web...  But if you read the first chapter of Parry's "Secrecy and Privilege" book,
you will find that it is a chapter-long LAMENT of all the INVESTIGATIONS of Republican SCANDALS
that Bill Clinton swept under the table and called off!

Now you're taking literary license.
It's important to stick with the truth.
"Swept under the table" implies that Clinton was part of the gang, part of the coverup.
We both know that's not true - please stick to the facts.

This is the only point where I disagree with Parry
Clinton chose not to pursue the matter because he's sometimes a little too forgiving.

After Der Monkey stole power, Parry wrote that 1993 Clinton shouldn't have been so nice
It's easy to look back in history and second-guess an effort to lessen party hostilities.

Clinton, then, is the ORIGINAL version of Nancy Pelosi's stupid comment "I am taking impeachment

You just said W is no worse than his father.
That's crazy talk.
Your anti-Her paranoia has eclipsed your ability to see things correctly.

Pelosi TOO STUPID to be better prepared for such an obvious question, and TOO STUPID to realize
that if Democrats don't clean_house, Repugs will MYTHOLOGIZE the Bush record for decades to come,
as they have Reagan, Bush Sr., and of course even Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Pelosi's mistake was telegraphing her thoughts when it provided no advantage.
A better answer would've been, "If we gain power, we'll look at the situation then."
After 20 years in DC, too bad she still can't use the brain Koresh gave her.
Remember, too, she wasn't under oath when she said "off the table."

(All this predicated, of course, on Pelosi and the Dems. winning at least one chamber of Congress
despite the Diebold fix, which she, Hillary, and the DC Dems are doing NOTHING to prevent.)

Next Feb or March, I want you and allllllllllllllll the Hillary haters to throw a big party
to celebrate the fact that she no longer has the "freshman on her first job" excuse.

Are people just being obtuse when they failt to see the obvious? If you get hired on Monday,
nobody wants to hear your suggestions about how to make the office run better on Tuesday.
After you've been there a while, after you've learned the ropes, after you've showed respect
for your elders, after you get some senority, then  people will listen to your ideas.
Why can't anybody recognize that thousand-year old business rule?

In 2007, Hillary will no longer be out of line for speaking up.
I suspect she'll lead the charge - are you a gambler by any chance?

<< much snippage >>

#2, you take a swipe at KEITH OLBERMAN's commentary, as if it is too highbrow, academic-ese,
and intellectual.  I suggest you go to the YouTube video and replay his commentaries..... ALL 6 of 'em!
which have, in my estimation, single handily REDEEMED the entire US press-media, they are so brutally
honest, direct, and confrontational.

Dude, if I like red and you like blue, you can't say I'm wrong.
In my opinion, each time Keith speaks, he sounds like Dale Bumpers at Clinton's impeachment.
It's not effective to give a once-in-a-lifetime speech twice a week.

Keith rocks, I'm just saying he needs to relax a little and be a little less formal.
He speaks like he's addressing the Supreme Court - not 100M voters.
If you like his speaking/writing style we can still be friends.

Here is my own web-blog about Olberman's latest commentary
bin Laden's terrorizing videos INTO OUR HOMES" !!
From my site, you can link directly to either the CNN transcripts, or to the YouTube site.

I realize that my blog is a knockoff of MEDIA WHORES; and that Bart was a pillar or founder
of the great MWO.  And how I miss it!  But I was keeping a running file of news clippings (literally, I would
take a razor knife and clip news stories out of the papers, and then file them by category!)  long before even
the great Bartcop went on the web,  (Of course, the US media went over to "the Dark Side" starting in 1991,
when they bought all the reasons the Repub Bush administration gave for doing NOTHING about ethnic
cleansing during the breakdown of Yugoslavia - that is, after telling Europeans and the world for half a century
during the Cold War to "Give Freedom and Democracy a Chance!" and the FIRST thing we did after the
collapse of the Soviet Union was... let a two-bit former Communist banker RUN DEATH CAMPS and
DEATH SQUADS in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, & etc??!  The other sign that the whore media had
gone to the "Dark Side," besides sitting stupidly on the sidelines as the S&L debacle and Bush Sr/Cheney
/Rumsfeld BLEW "the Peace Dividend" and wrecked the US economy,   was when they, the media, jumped
of Bush and Babs's FOUR SONS bothered to join a war (Vietnam) that THEIR FAMILY SUPPORTED!)

You're starting to get carried away.
That's OK, it's your rant, but making too many points can cause you to lose focus
and it can make the reader wonder if your rant will ever end..

So I have been cataloguing Media WHOREDOM since at least 1991... and have the legal-sized file cabinet
FULL of news clippings to prove it!  (My insane news-whore archive obsession migrated to computer files in 1999.)

Anyways, just wondering why you bashed Olbermann's video as too "academic," when it is simply a bunch of
awesome, short, powerful SOUND BITES, that run on forever because there is SO MUCH to say about
Republican lies and treachery.  Go to the video and PICK OUT ANY short, sweet, and brutal sentence you want...!

As I said, I like Keith.
I just think he could speak the language most Americans use and reach more people.
Kerry speaks better than der Monkey - but who reached more people?
I suppose you get points for sounding like a speech in Creative Writing class and Journalism School.

But in real life, that crap causes people's eyes to glaze over and they start to wonder which
candidate might be more fun to have a beer with - that's dangerous.

Also... what is with your Hillary worshipping?

I should charge $5 for people to ask that same question, over and over.
I could buy a new car!

She's going to be president.
Forgive me for pulling for the Demo front-runner.

Like Pelosi, she is good at raising money, and like Lieberman, she is good at appealing to her own
NY "independent" voters, because she (and other DLC Dems) has so TURNED OFF the Democratic

There are 20M women who've never voted. The powerless majority in this country
might like to see Her get revenge on the GOP for raiding her panty drawer.

****IF Democratic candidates got ALL DEMOCRATIC VOTERS to VOTE,
we/they WOULDN'T NEED "Independent" voters!*****


As a last comment, I'd LOVE to see MWO back online again... and not only do I think I could help
pay the cost of web hosting for a year, but of course I can daily gather top examples of media whoredom,
which I'm already doing at my site.

Dude, for a good web site, you have to have passion  :)

Well, sorry for the long tirade, but with Hillary SOUNDING MORE LIKE JOE LIEBERMAN every day,
I do NOT understand Bart's fascination with her.

Along with passion, you have to speak the truth.
When did She say, "Things are going great in Iraq - Stay the course?"
She didn't, because she's not a lying-whore-Kissyface like Lieberman.

BTW,a formerly sane reader sent me this yesterday, saying,
"This picture makes me sick==it should do that to you too!"

The Hillary part of this picture is a fake. Watch the video - she's not there.
But even if the picture was real, her smile makes you hate her more?
You'd like her more if she kept a frown on her face?

When you sign up for the Hate Hillary Squad, you lose your mind
and you accept every bone-headed lie the other Hillary haters fabricate.

Poor Neil in VT - it was such a sad thing to watch him lose his mind over Her.
He was sane, once.
Please don't let that happen to you - she's going to be president.

And with Olbermann being THE FIRST in the ENTIRE MS media to CONFRONT the rogue
BushCo LIES on a daily basis... and BRUTALLY ARTICULATE at that - I don't understand Bart's
snippage, except (if you don't have the YouTube video to replay at your fingertips), it is hard to KEEP UP
with Olbermann's knockout-punch indictments, one sentence after another after another after the next!

Signed... Lj.....

Dude, after all that, you close by agreeing with me?

I didn't say Olbermann was a Bush whore that was too lazy to tell the truth..
I said he could reach more people if he dumbed down his style a little.
I'm just giving him some friendly advice - so his punches can land harder.

After the election, you're going to see the real Her.

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