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Letter to SNL Boss Lorne Michaels

Lorne Michaels is thinking about putting Sarah Palin on SNL!!
Post his address for comments to him!
This was my comment....

Dear Mr. Michaels,
I turn 54 this month. I still watch SNL. 
My kids watch SNL, I think my grandkids watch SNL.
In '77 I had a lot more hair, Led Zepplin cassettes were all over the inside of my VW Beetle, 
I played in a successful bar band while attending Indiana University and I watched SNL every 
Saturday night with a lot of friends while burning a few and drinking a few.
Hell... I still think John Belushi 'borrowed' our two white guys playing the Blues in Calumet City act. 
He lived just down the road from Cal City when we'd run onstage at black clubs for a quick song.... 
I was the skinny guy in the too small suit that played blues harp. That was in 1972..... 1972.
Remember Rowan and Martin's Laugh In episode when Dick Nixon showed up on the set in the 
Presidential Limo for his four words?

That TV quickie could have been written by Karl Rove as it propelled Nixon's popularity through 
the stratosphere and we both know what Dick was doing for the next four years after that "Sock it to me?" line.
So... I ask you this Mr. Michaels: Do you want to keep the ratings where they are with Tina Fey's 
impersonation or do you want to cease being cool by having that insane woman appear on SNL? 
She isn't even remotely funny and I know that I would not be the only 19-60 year old demographic 
representative to feel that SNL really blows and tune out the entire show. We would hurl if we saw 
that religiously insane nutbag on SNL.
Hey... you WILL get plenty of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly fans and if you are really lucky 
maybe you can get some of Palin's fans to show up in your studio audience. You know, the ones
that have the habit of screaming "KILL HIM" when Senator Obama's name is mentioned?
Wow, whadda laugh that would be, eh?
Maybe in the following weeks you can get a few KKK members to guest star on your show? 
Maybe a lynching skit?
Your programming will be all the answer I need from you.....
P.S. : Would you sleep if you knew Sarah Palin had THE Launch Codes?

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