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The Lost finale  (*Spoilers) 

I stopped watching years ago because I know a handjob when I see one.
The story always went in circles and I hear it got triple-crazy at the end.

But it's funny to read the different takes on how it ended.

Robert Bianco (USAToday TV critic) said "Best show ever - I came 44 times."

With the greatest stories, the answers you get can be better than the questions you ask.

For six spellbinding years, Lost trapped its characters inside TV's most ingeniously constructed puzzle, leaving you 
to wonder why they're there and how they'll escape. In Sunday's emotional feast of a finale (* * * * out of four)
one that can stand with the best any series has produced we discovered that Lost wasn't just interested in 
answering questions about the island and its residents, though the major ones were, indeed, answered.

Over at  there were less ecstatic.

Lost has raised hundreds of big and small questions over its six provocative seasons and the series finale left many of 
them unanswered. 

Why couldn't women get pregnant on the island? 

Who built the statue? 

Why was the Dharma Initiative there? 

Why did this island exist in the first place? 

Honestly, we didn't have high hopes that we'd find a resolution to these in "The End," 
but we also didn't expect to have so many fresh questions added to the list by this last episode. 

The folks at felt downright betrayed.

Lost ended tonight, and with it the hopes and dreams of millions of people who thought it might finally get good again. 
SPOILER ALERT: It didn't. What did we learn? Nothing. We learned nothing from two-and-a-half hours of slow-motion
bullshittery backed with a syrupy soundtrack.

Those guys know how to write a finale.  That was why we kept watching the show: 
The amazing, game-changing, cliffhanger finales.

And so it stood to reason that maybe they would pull together this pitiful excuse for a season with some kind of 
halfway-coherent, tightly-paced, tightly-plotted finale that would answer some of our lingering questions and
wash the taste of C.J. Cragg as Hypatia out of our mouths. Ha, ha! Why did I think that?

And then there was the litany of unanswered questions:

Why weren't Walt and Michael (Harold Perrineau) there? 

Why did we see the island at the bottom of the sea in the Sideways timeline? 

Why was Eloise Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan) so adamant that Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) not wake them up? 

How did she know that they were in an intermediate state?

Why did the Others act the way they did when the Losties arrived? 

What in hell was up with the pregnant women dying?

So what was the island?

What was your intepretation of the scene inside Eloise Hawking's Church of the Blessed Dharma Pendulum, 
aka The Ark to Heaven?)

Is Smokey really defeated? 

If Hurley is now the protector, is he immortal? 

Who put the island there in the first place? 

Are you sure everyone didn't actually die in the original Oceanic 815 plane crash?

They're comparing it to the last Sopranos episode, except, "I wouldn't have expected 
The Sopranos finale to clear up my questions about a giant stone foot."   ha ha

Maybe Tally will have a recap for us?

 Tally's Lost Finale Recap

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